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Cyprus Accommodation for Tourist

Examples of housing prices

Hotels for tourist in Paphos

  • Hotel room 2-3 stars 59,1 - 82,7 USD = 50 - 70 EUR
  • Hotel room 4-5 stars from 118,2 USD = 100 EUR
  • Private Apartment 35,4 - 118,2 USD = 30 - 100 EUR

Prices for long-term rental apartments

Renting a small apartment of 60 m2 will cost about 472,6 - 945,2 USD = 400 - 800 EUR per month depending on the location

Apartment purchase prices

Purchase 1 772,3 - 3 544,5 USD = 1 500 - 3 000 EUR per square meter, that is, an apartment of 60m2 will cost about 106 335,6 - 212 671,2 USD = 90 000 - 180 000 EUR

Rent in the private sector

Prices for accommodation in Cyprus depend on the season, stars and location. If you visit the island in the low season, then it is not recommended to book budget accommodation from private owners, as there are many private apartments and they are empty,  and there are cases when the private sector is closed for the winter, and on the booking site the owners forget to remove it and you go to nowhere and you cannot find the owner.  In any case, it is very useful to read reviews, especially in the case of the private sector.

Please note that weather conditions and wind strength depend on the location, in the north it is more windy (which can be pleasant in the heat), in the south of the island is warmer.

Accommodation in the private sector is usually provided with a kitchen, a balcony, a small pool can also be on site.

View prices and choose housing at AirBNB

Accommodation in Cyprus for a tourist, Kitchen
Accommodation in Cyprus for a tourist, Bathroom
Accommodation in Cyprus for a tourist, Bedroom
Accommodation in Cyprus for a tourist, View from the window
View from the window
Accommodation in Cyprus for a tourist, Balcony

Rental of standard hotels

Starry in Cyprus does not meet European standards. This must be borne in mind when booking, if you need real 5 stars, it is better to trust the global brands. Hotel photos? 4 stars:

Hotels in Cyprus, Bedroom
Hotels in Cyprus, Bathroom
Hotels in Cyprus, Gym

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

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