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Public transportation fares and car rent in Australia

How much does it cost to get to Sydney Airport

By train

The train station is located directly below the airport terminals. The cost of the train from the airport 10 USD = 15 AUD one way. Children's ticket is 2 times cheaper. The trains leave every 10 minutes. Travel time 13 minutes.

More on the official website of Sydney Airport


Taxi fare is approximately 30,1 - 36,8 USD = 45 - 55. AUD ride 20 minutes.

You can view prices and book a ride to the airport with the international online service KiwiTaxi

Car rental in Australia

Examples of prices from international rental companies when booking in advance for 1 month for a period of 10 days.

Car rental prices

  • Toyota Corolla, AT 16,7 - 21,4 USD = 25 - 32 AUD
  • Ford EcoSport, AT 33,4 USD = 50 AUD

For full insurance without deductible surcharge 8,4 USD = 12.5 AUD per day

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

Gas prices and parking

Parkings along the streets

The cost of paid parking along the road depends on the proximity to the city center and time of day. Parking meters are equipped with friendly instructions, accept coins and credit cards. On the outskirts of cities you can park along the street for free. Examples of parking costs in Sydney:

  • during working hours 3,5 - 4,9 USD = 5.2 - 7.4 AUD
  • after hours 2,1 - 2,8 USD = 3.2 - 4.2 AUD

Parking lots

In Sydney and other cities in Australia you will find street and underground parking.

  • All-night parking from 10 USD = 15 AUD
  • All-day parking from 11,4 USD = 17 AUD

Sydney Parking Search Sites

Transport of Australia, Pickups are popular in Australia
Pickups are popular in Australia
Transportation in Australia, Cost of parking in Sydney
Cost of parking in Sydney

Cost of buying a car in Australia

  • Economy used cars, like Toyota Echo or Toyota Yaris cost about 5 348 - 7 353,5 USD = 8 000 - 11 000 AUD
  • For example Toyota Corolla at the age of 4-5 years with a range of 60-70 thousand km. costs 7 353,5 - 9 359 USD = 11 000 - 14 000 AUD

Examples of various car payments

  • Inspection for 1 year costs 18 USD = 27 AUD
  • Medical insurance 267,4 USD = 400 AUD per year
  • State registration of a car in Australia costs 155,1 USD = 232 AUD
  • Duty for police investigation of an accident 401,1 USD = 600 AUD
  • Daily parking in large cities 26,7 USD = 40 AUD

Sydney Transportation fares

Opal transport card

Payment in Sydney transport is profitable with the Opal card. The card itself is free, but the minimum amount that is put on the balance 13,4 USD = 20 AUD

Children's rates are traditionally 2 times cheaper than adults. The card pays for metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services.

If you do not have an Opal card, you can buy one-time tickets, but travel in this case will be approximately 25% more expensive

Rates for travel with Opal

  • Travel for 1 day on any city transport 10,8 USD = 16.1 AUD (Airport fare is not included)
  • Travel for 1 day for children up to 16 years old 5,3 USD = 8 AUD
  • Weekly travel 33,4 USD = 50. AUD children 16,7 USD = 25 AUD
  • One-time travel depends on distance and time of day (during rush hours more expensive) The cost of a trip inside Sydney can be 1,7 - 3,2 USD = 2.52 - 4.8 AUD
  • Ferry ticket price 4,1 - 5,1 USD = 6.12 - 7.65 AUD

Official Opal map website

Sydney Ferries

On the ferries it is very convenient to get to Manly Beach, Torongo Zoo Zoo, and other attractions. You can pay for your fare with an Opal card, which will cost you a little cheaper than buying a one-time ticket. During the trip by ferry, you can see the Sydney Opera House from the ferry and admire nature. The ferry ride to various stations is from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Taxi cost in Sydney

Estimated rate 1,7 USD = 2.5 AUD per kilometer. Travel around the city will cost about 8 - 10 USD = 12 - 15. AUD Please note that toll roads and bridges are paid by the passenger.

Transport Australia, Sydney Metro
Sydney Metro
Australia transportation, Sydney public transport prices
Sydney public transport prices
Transport Australia, Sydney Ferries
Sydney Ferries
Transport Australia, Free Melbourne Ring Tram
Free Melbourne Ring Tram

Bike rental in Sydney

The prices for a comfortable bike rental :

  • 1 hour 10 USD = 15 AUD
  • 2 hours 13,4 USD = 20 AUD
  • 4 hours 20,1 USD = 30 AUD

Example of a rental company in one of Sydney’s park

Transportation prices in Melbourne

  • One-time trip for 2 hours (Zone 1 and 2) 3 USD = 4.50 AUD
  • All-day fare 6 USD = 9 AUD
  • Travel for 7 days 30,1 USD = 45 AUD
  • Melbourne Circular Tram - Free

Learn more about the different ticket options and discounts on the Melbourne official transport website

Australia Intercity


There are several railway operators in Australia. NSW TrainLink operates in New South Wales, as well as in Australia and Victoria. Examples of fares from Sydney to neighboring cities:

  • From Sydney to Melbourne. The high-speed train takes about 11 hours, the price of an economy class ticket 60,2 USD = 90 AUD
  • Sydney Canberra 26,7 USD = 40 AUD
  • Sydney Albury 46,8 USD = 70 AUD
  • Sydney Brisbane 53,5 - 60,2 USD = 80 - 90 AUD

Tickets are available for purchase on the official website


The main bus carrier in Australia is Greyhound Australia One-way prices

  • Sydney - Melbourne, travel time - 14 hours, price 60,2 USD = 90 AUD
  • Sydney - Canberra, travel time - 9 hours, price 55,5 USD = 83 AUD

Bus tickets

Travel cards designed for various tasks, for example

  • Unlimited travel in any direction for a month 267,4 USD = 400 AUD
  • Intercity hop on hop off bus!, some beautiful routes, prices 100,3 - 454,6 USD = 150 - 680 AUD

Learn more at

Transport Australia, Railway Australia
Railway Australia
Transport of Australia, Inside the train from Sydney to Melbourne
Inside the train from Sydney to Melbourne

Read my review of useful websites to choose the right means of transport for your travel

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