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Cost of health care in Australia

What's Free

The health care in Australia is in the basic on the state providing.
In various extreme situations, for example in the case of accidents, with various natural disasters, also medical aid to children, the elderly and mothers - free. According to the laws of the country the state insurance relies for not having work.
For employees (including for foreign workers, including highly qualified specialists) - the insurance is issued by the employer.

And what’s paid

For free dental care huge queue. So many people buy private insurance. The average family health insurance (two "local" adults and two children up to 18 years) covering almost the whole area of medicine costs at all about 99,8 USD = 150 AUD per month. The ambulance is 399,3 USD = 600 AUD for transportation to the hospital.

The cost of some services

  • Haircut men's worth 10,6 - 26,6 USD = 16 - 40 AUD
  • Haircut for women 13,3 - 66,6 USD = 20 - 100 AUD

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