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Review of hotel prices in Nha Trang in Vietnam

Seasons: summer - high season because of the influx of local Vietnamese tourists. Winter - the influx of foreigners. We can not say that prices fluctuate greatly due to seasonality, but with free rooms in certain categories of hotels and guest houses can be a problem.

Cheap hotels and guesthouses in Nha Trang

Minimum prices for small rooms, air conditioning, internet access and daily housekeeping 6,5 - 8,6 USD = 150 000 - 200 000 VND Almost always it is a private guest houses belonging to the families of Vietnamese. I advise you to pay every day, as this will free you from the headache, as well as the price change at the final calculation.

Vietnam, Nhatrang, Budget hotel in Nha Trang
Budget hotel in Nha Trang
Vietnam, Nhatrang, Inexpensive housing
Inexpensive housing
Vietnam, Nhatrang, At the guesthouses shower is usually combined with a toilet
At the guesthouses shower is usually combined with a toilet

Average price category

Average price range for hotels are around 12,9 - 17,3 USD = 300 000 - 400 000 VND There may already be euro-level rooms with breakfast included (minimal). Often (but not always) will be even better to reserve such hotels with booking sites such as But it is always safer to choose a room yourself than to pay in advance and get a pig in a poke, that often happens in Vietnam. Hotels from 3 to 5 stars are on the coast, as well as on the islands. The cost ranges from 50 USD to 500 USD per night.

Samples of hotels

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