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Attractions in Dalat (Vietnam) and the tickets prices

Things to do and places to see

Dalat Railway Station.

Nice old train station of Dalat. Good for tourists. You can ride about 6 kilometers to the historic town in Trai Mat. Admission is free. The cost of the tour on train 5,5 USD = 140 000 VND for the round trip. Location 11.941551,108.454348. Easy access by foot.

 Vietnam, places to see Dalat, Old train station
Old train station
Vietnam, places to see Dalat, Historic trailers
Historic trailers
Vietnam, places to see Dalat, Schedule tourist train
Schedule tourist train
Vietnam, places to see Dalat, Historic steam locomotive
Historic steam locomotive

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Old (the last century) pagoda surrounded by construction of new buildings. Nice to walk, climb to the upper floors and look around. Location: 11.944517,108.49949. For 0,43 USD = 11 000 VND (one way) can be reached by bus #6 from Dalat. On the road about half an hour, interval of about 40-50 minutes.

Thahn That Phuoc

Wonderful and very beautiful little temple, although completely new. It’s good to combine it with a visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, they are from each other in a 10-minute walk. Location 11.944296,108.502274

Vietnam, places to see Dalat, Thahn That Phuoc
Thahn That Phuoc
Vietnam, places to see Dalat, Datanla Falls
Datanla Falls

Datanla Falls

Some time ago it was good place for walking around. Over the past three years has become a tourist destination.

  • Entrance fee 0,39 USD = 10 000 VND
  • At the bottom, the lift is now installed, at an additional cost 1,2 USD = 30 000 VND
  • Cost of a mini-cableway 1,6 USD = 40 000 VND
  • Cost of a mini-roller coaster 1,2 USD = 30 000 VND one way, in both directions 1,6 USD = 40 000 VND

Location 11.903467,108.449654. In accessibility on foot or by bus in 0,28 USD = 7 000 VND one way.

Catamarans on the lake

Catamarans on the central lake. Nice and relaxing pastime. Price 2,4 USD = 60 000 VND (not more than three people) for one hour. Location: 11.941541,108.440808. Just great to walk around and sit around the lake (Xuan Huong).

Crazy House.

The Daughter of second president of Vietnam, having studied in Moscow architect and lived there for 14 years, for some reason has been impressed not with the Russian architects but with Gaudi, and dad allowed her to experiment in the mountain town Dalat. Entry fee 1,6 USD = 40 000 VND

Dalat Flower Park.

Location 11.950001,108.449938. Cost 0,79 USD = 20 000 VND

Cam Ly Falls

Waterfall of urban water runoff. Entry fee 0,39 USD = 10 000 VND Location 11.941767,108.420266

Vietnam, attractions in Dalat, catamarans on Lake
catamarans on Lake
Vietnam, attractions in Dalat, Crazy House
Crazy House
Vietnam, attractions in Dalat, Temple complex Truc Lam
Temple complex Truc Lam

Truc Lam

New constructions which are not very interesting to watch, a lot of tourists. However, there are complex, home to the monks themselves. Looks very interesting, but you can see it only behind the fence. Free. You can get there on foot (about 6 km) by bus from the city 0,28 USD = 7 000 VND + to one side a short walk or a cable car worth 2,8 USD = 70 000 VND for there and back, or 2 USD = 50 000 VND one way. Go down to the lake and walk around a bit. Location complex: 11.903677,108.435443

How much are the excursions

Popular cycling tours. Prices for group tour per person start at 0 USD For example you can go on a bike with the accompaniment from Dalat to Nha Trang. The cost 0 USD Description of tours and prices can be found at

Read my review of useful websites to buy tickets for sightseeing tours and attractions

Massage and other entertainment.

  • Karaoke from 3,9 USD = 100 000 VND per hour.
  • Massage from 15,8 USD = 400 000 VND per hour. Can be found only in expensive hotels.

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