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Transportation in Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek: airport, bus and train

International Bishkek Manas Airport

International airport "Manas" is about 20 km from Bishkek. The airport is small, has been recently renovated, there are cafes and small shops. If you come with a reserve, then you do there will be nothing.

How to get the airport

You can reach it from the city on a comfortable and clean minibus number 380 for 0,47 USD = 40. KGS Coordinates of the bus stop: 42.877647, 74.575208. Minibus is 40 minutes as stops along the way in the villages.

Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, Manas Airport in Bishkek
Manas Airport in Bishkek
Transport in Kyrgyzstan, minibus to  Bishkek Airport
minibus to Bishkek Airport

Public transport of Bishkek

In Bishkek, there are buses, trolley buses and taxis. Fare 0,09 USD = 8 KGS for trolleybus and bus, and 0,12 USD = 10 KGS for a minibus. Minibuses go more often, the covering area much wider. Payment on exit

Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek city bus
Bishkek city bus

Intercity buses in Kyrgyzstan

The main way to travel around the country is a bus. The quality and purity of minibuses differ. They can put a cargo to passenger salon, no air conditioning.

  • The price is fixed and you can ask the driver, accepted the Kyrgyz Som.
  • The fare from Karakol to Kaji-Sai was 0,71 USD = 60 KGS and a half an hour on the road
  • From the Kaji-Sai to Bishkek 3 USD = 250 KGS for 6 hours.
  • Direct bus from Karakol to Bishkek (400 km) costs 3,6 USD = 300 KGS and takes less time for a good road through the north of Cholpon-Ata.
Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, Bus in Bishkek
Bus in Bishkek
Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, inside the bus
inside the bus
Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, Bus Schedule from Bishkek
Bus Schedule from Bishkek
Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, prices of  buses from Bishkek
prices of buses from Bishkek

Rail transport in Kyrgyzstan

International trains

By train you can get to Bishkek from Moscow. The station is located in the city. Coordinates:. 42.863869, 74.605706

Transport in Kyrgyzstan, Train schedule from Bishkek to Moscow and Russia
Train schedule from Bishkek to Moscow and Russia
Transportation  in Kyrgyz, Railway station in Bishkek
Railway station in Bishkek
Transportation in Kyrgyzstan, Inside the railway station
Inside the railway station

Local trains

There are branches from Bishkek towards Issyk-Kul in Balykchy (but it works only in summer and takes 7 hours, on a bus over the same distance - 4 hours) and north to the border of Kazakhstan - Tokmok, Merke.

Passing Cars

Sometimes a passing car is only way to get remote parts of the country. It is necessary to bargain

The cost of gasoline in Kyrgyzstan

  • 95th 0,46 USD = 39 KGS
  • 92nd 36 0 USD = KGS
  • Diesel 0,38 USD = 32 KGS

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