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Accommodation, attractions and souvenirs in Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek

Hotels in Bishkek

Accommodation in Bishkek and other large cities such as Caracol, you can book via A variety of housing is large, you can spend a night in a yurt for 0 USD per couple, there are also hostels and cheap hotels.

Accommodation in Bishkek, Yurt outside
Yurt outside
Accommodation in Bishkek, Inside the Yurts
Inside the Yurts

A double room at a hotel, with facilities in the room, without breakfast costs from 14,2 USD = 1 200 KGS For the central location of the hotel will have to pay 2 times more. Typically, the owners of the hotels give taxi drivers a fee of about 2,4 USD = 200 KGS

Accommodation in Bishkek, cheap hotel
cheap hotel
Accommodation in Bishkek, Shower and WC
Shower and WC

The level of service in hotels is relatively low, you will be given only the most necessary, all the rooms can be smoking. In addition the hotel search can be complicated by the lack of signboards.

Hotels in the village in Kyrgyzstan

If you are looking for housing in small villages in the mountains or near the Issyk-Kul, it is better to look for yourself, on arrival, in homes with a sign "guest house" or "Rent", then the price per night will be 2,4 - 5,9 USD = 200 - 500 KGS lower than on

Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan, guest house in the village
guest house in the village

Accommodation on the lake Issyk-Kul

In a village like Kaji-Sai, you can easily find 10 guest houses of different levels of comfort, up to the stated three stars for 41,4 USD = 3 500 KGS for two. You will be guaranteed a comfortable room, a common bathroom with shower, fully equipped kitchen for all in the yard and the hospitality of the hosts. TV, fridge in the room or in the common room. Price per person from 4,7 USD = 400 KGS but in off-season

Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan, Inexpensive guest house
Inexpensive guest house
Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan, budget hotel outside
budget hotel outside
Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan, Toilet with a shower
Toilet with a shower

In hot season, which begins in mid-June, residents of Issyk-Kul expect a large influx of tourists from Kazakhstan and the price for hotels jumps 2 times. If the place is popular, it can be filled by appointment in advance.

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Entertainment and attractions Kyrgyzstan

In Karakol you can take a horseback tour 7,1 USD = 600 KGS for 1 hour, with a guide 11,8 USD = 1000. KGS If you decide travel yourself:

  • to take a horse to the rental for the whole day 10,6 USD = 900 KGS
  • guide service will cost you 21,3 USD = 1 800 KGS
  • chef services 21,3 USD = 1 800 KGS

In Bishkek, you can visit the cinema, adult ticket varies 1,3 - 2,1 USD = 110 - 180. KGS for 3D 2 - 2,7 USD = 170 - 230 KGS

How much are the gifts and souvenirs

  • Bag Leather 4 USD = 340 KGS
  • Kirghiz hat 11,8 - 18,9 USD = 1000 - 1 600 KGS
  • Skullcap wool 5,3 USD = 450 KGS
  • Yurt decorative 1,2 - 5,9 USD = 100 - 500 KGS
Souvenirs in Kyrgyzstan, Hats
Gift in Kyrgyzstan, Boxes

Services in Bishkek

  • Women's haircut 4,1 USD = 350 KGS
  • Grooming 3 USD = 250 KGS
  • Make-up 4,7 USD = 400 KGS
  • Internet cafe 0,18 USD = 15 KGS hour
  • A photocopy, printing, scanning 0,02 USD = 2 KGS

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