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Prices in Kazakhstan and Almaty

Transport of Kazakhstan and Almaty: trains, buses, taxis and rental cars

Public transport Almaty

In Kazakhstan, the transport system is well developed: rail, intercity buses, minibuses, taxis and car rental. Buses, trolley buses and the subway - is quite functional system of public transport - covers entire city

Metro - new and modern

Metropolitan new and modern form, one-ride fare is 0,17 USD = 80 KZT does not depend on the distance. Now is open only 9 stations, but new branches scheduled

Transportation Almaty, tokens to Almaty subway
tokens to Almaty subway
Transportation Almaty,  Modern subway cars
Modern subway cars
Transport Almaty, Beautiful and clean stationы
Beautiful and clean stationы

Buses and trolley buses

The fare on the bus and trolley 0,17 USD = 80. KZT payment at the entrance to the driver. Locals have travel cards, which are activated in the validator.

Transportation in Kazakhstan, Bus in Almaty
Bus in Almaty
Transportationin Almaty,  inside the bus
inside the bus

Bike rental in Almaty

On average for 3,1 USD = 1 500 KZT per day you can rent a bike.

Transportation in Kazakhstan,  Bicycles  in Almaty
Bicycles in Almaty
Transport of Almaty, The cost of renting a bike
The cost of renting a bike

Railway stations and trains from Almaty

In Almaty there are 2 railway station, note where your train arrives.

The station Almaty-2

«Almaty-2" station (coordinates 43.274004, 76.939127) is located near the metro station "Raiymbek", is also directly opposite the bus stop and trolleybuses. Soviet-built station, renovated, clean with cafes, shower, a comfortable toilet for 0,10 USD = 50. KZT You can leave your luggage for 0,63 USD = 300 KZT per 1 bag and 0,84 USD = 400 KZT for large-sized

Trains  in Kazakhstan, Station Almaty-2
Station Almaty-2
Trains in Kazakhstan, Destinations form Almaty-2
Destinations form Almaty-2
Trains in Kazakhstan, Postal Box
Postal Box

Almaty-1 railway station and high-speed trains to Astana "Taldo"

From the station "Almaty-1" (coordinates 43.341168, 76.948984), you can take a bus or taxi. Railway lines leading to Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Nukus) through Chimkent, to Russia and China.

The main passenger flow in the direction Astana - Almaty, there are modern "Taldo" high-speed trains, or "the Spanish train".    The disadvantages of them is excessive compact coupe and a ban on smoking.    Standard trains are much longer, time from Almaty to Chimkent - 19 hours, from Tashkent (including the border) - 24 hours (800 km).

Trains in Kazakhstan, Talgo train, Astana - Almaty
Talgo train, Astana - Almaty

Purchase train tickets in Kazakhstan

Train schedule, as well as purchase tickets is available on the website of railways of Kazakhstan

Long distance buses in Kazakhstan

Intercity bus service is faster then trains, but less comfortable. Time on the road from Shymkent to Almaty - 12 hours. But it is hard to find out a reliable schedule of buses in advance, you can only ask it at the departure station.

Minibuses to the neighboring cities of Almaty

Minibuses and taxi drivers are grouped in two stations of Almaty. One serves the direction to Bishkek and the other (the bus station "Sakha" coordinates 43.272415, 76.951848) - east direction, including Kegen in the direction of Charyn canyon. The fare to Kegen 4,2 - 5,2 USD = 2 000 - 2 500 KZT

Transport in Kazakhstan, minibus in Almaty
minibus in Almaty

Taxi or car with a driver for long trips

If you need a car to see the sights of the city and beyond, the budget option can be found on the same stations. Bargaining is recommended. Usually you can pay will tenge, dollars and rubles. It all depends on the driver's loyalty.

A taxi for two persons from Almaty to Charyn Canyon, wait there and from the canyon to the border with Kyrgyzstan through Kegen cost 27,3 USD = 13 000 KZT for 8 hours. On the picture an example of a car with a taxi driver. For comparison, a travel agency, just visit Charyn canyon offered 73,5 USD = 35 000 KZT for a car with a guide. If you find travel companions, the price will be the same.

Transport in Kazakhstan, A car with a taxi driver for sightseeing
A car with a taxi driver for sightseeing

Car Rentals in Almaty

In Almaty there are various car rental companies:

  • Local services rental «Navigator», «recar», etc. Prices vary greatly from 5,2 USD = 2 500 KZT for 3 hours and 18,9 USD = 9 000 KZT per hour at other offices
  • And international: Europcar and Avis. The cost of rental budget car for 1 day from europcar was 0 USD

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

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