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Prices in Kazakhstan and Almaty

Almaty attractions, things to see and how to visit Charyn Canyon

Museums of Almaty and ticket prices

  • The State Museum 0,63 USD = 300. KZT excursion 1 hour 2,1 USD = 1000. KZT photographing 0,42 USD = 200 KZT
  • Musical Instrument Museum 0,84 USD = 400 KZT
  • Museum of Art 1 USD = 500 KZT

Park Kot-Tobe with the cable car to the mountain

How to get

You can get there by cable car. Fare in one direction 2,1 USD = 1000. KZT the park itself is free. You can also use tourist mini-bus, price 0,63 USD = 300 KZT in one direction and 1 USD = 500 KZT roundtrip. If you come by car, parking at the foot of the mountains 0,42 USD = 200 KZT

Entertainment in Almaty, Cableway Cote Tobe
Cableway Cote Tobe
Entertainment in Almaty, Cabin cableway
Cabin cableway

Entertainment in the Park

At the top, in the park you can:

  • to ride on the Ferris wheel 2,1 USD = 1000 KZT
  • to ride on high-speed sledding 3,1 USD = 1 500 KZT for sled
  • to climb the climbing wall 2,1 USD = 1000 KZT
  • to be treated with ice-cream 0,73 USD = 350 KZT for 1 ball
Entertainment in Almaty, Speed sled
Speed sled
Entertainment in Almaty, Climbing wall
Climbing wall

Activities and sports in Almaty

  • Medeo - the famous complex for winter sports. Closed for the summer. Skate rental 2,1 USD = 1000 KZT for 2 hours, skating 3,8 USD = 1 800 KZT
  • In the shopping center "Ramstor" you also find an ice rink: skate rental for 1 hour 2,5 USD = 1 200 KZT if you have your own skates 1,7 USD = 800. KZT instructor services 8 USD = 3 800 KZT
  • A ticket for football at the stadium "Ortalyk": tribune 1 - 4,2 USD = 500 - 2000. KZT lodges 6,3 - 10,5 USD = 3 000 - 5 000 KZT

More entertainments in Almaty

  • Amusement Park, all day adult ticket 6,9 USD = 3 300 KZT for kids 4,2 USD = 2 000 KZT
  • Cinema - the cost depends on the session, the average ticket will cost 1,5 - 2,5 USD = 700 - 1200 KZT
Entertainment Almaty,  Amusement Park
Amusement Park

What to visit in Alma-Ata for free

  • The park "First President", for free, is open until 22:00
  • Panfilov Park and the Ascension Cathedral

Sightseeing outside Almaty

  • Outside the city, if you use a taxi or private car, you can visit the Big Almaty Lake, 30 km from the city (travel difficult after rain and in the offseason)
  • Shymbulak - Ski Resort (in winter)
  • petroglyphs Tanbaly, 170 km from Almaty
  • Charyn Canyon in 200 km from Almaty

Charyn Canyon - how to get there and where to stay

Entertainment Almaty,   Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan
Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan

Charyn canyon can be reached in several ways:

On the shuttle bus and then walking

Minibus from Almaty to Kegen, cost 4,2 USD = 2 000 KZT per person, ask to drop you off at the turn to canyon itself, and then walk 10 km on gravel

On the tour bus

A large tourist bus, which runs only on weekends, in the summer, costs 14,7 USD = 7 000 KZT per person

By taxi

Taxi, the cheapest way to find taxi - at the bus station to Kegen. The cost of visiting the canyon 1,5 USD = 712 KZT + for parking 0,21 USD = 100 KZT

Where to stay in Canyoun- the cost of housing and services

If you have decided to spend the night there:

  • in a yurt 1,7 USD = 830 KZT per person
  • in a hotel - standard room 4,2 USD = 2 000 KZT per person

How much does a tour guide

Guide for the day for up to 20 people costs 1,9 USD = 900 KZT

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