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The prices for souvenirs in Japan, cost of small things

  • Small souvenirs, porcelain, bamboo utensils, gadgets 1,3 - 2,5 USD = 200 - 400 JPY
  • Lacquered souvenir sticks 6,4 USD = 1000 JPY
  • Bicycle 34,9 - 54 USD = 5 500 - 8 500 JPY
  • The most expensive headphones in a shopping center in Ahikabara 1 334,1 USD = 210 000 JPY
  • Nail Polish 2,5 USD = 400 JPY
  • Lipstick 7,6 USD = 1 200 JPY
  • Mascara 6,4 USD = 1000 JPY
  • Napkins in the box 0,73 - 1,59 USD = 115 - 250 JPY

Various things in shops of Tokyo

Cost of things in Japan, Shampoo, toothbrushes
Shampoo, toothbrushes
Cost of things in Japan, stick
Cost of things in Japan, wipes and toilet paper in a supermarket
wipes and toilet paper in a supermarket
Cost of things in Japan, Tokyo, cosmetics in a supermarket
cosmetics in a supermarket
Cost of things in Japan, Tokyo, sound, Akihabara
sound, Akihabara
Cost of things in Japan, Tokyo, Prices for bicycles
Prices for bicycles

The cost of souvenirs in Tokyo and Kyoto

Cost of things in Japan, Tokyo, souvenirs
Prices for souvenirs in Japan, Tokyo, lacquered chopsticks
lacquered chopsticks
Prices for souvenirs in Japan, Kyoto, porcelain souvenirs
porcelain souvenirs
Prices for souvenirs in Japan, Kyoto, wooden souvenirs
wooden souvenirs

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