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Transportation in Delhi and India: airport, metro, buses

Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi

Indira Gandhi International Airport (coordinates: 28.556897, 77.100215) Located about 15 km from the city center in the south-west. The airport itself is modern enough, it can be said new. Comfortable beds is not only in the international departure hall, but also in the local. All the basic services that must be present in a modern international airport there, including rental cars from international companies.

Delhi Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport
Delhi Airport, Armchair-beds at the airport
Armchair-beds at the airport

Currency Exchange and withdrawal of cash at ATMs

Please refrain from currency exchange at the airport, as the course is very bad. In the most extreme case exchange the minimum amount possible. ATMs are functioning properly, and accept major international credit cards system.

It is recommended to use an ATM Kotak, since it does not take a commission. In other bank ATMs сommission can иу 1,2 - 2,4 USD = 100 - 200. INR

How to get to the Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi

Getting to /from the airport to the city center (New Delhi Central Station) can be on the subway in two ways:

  • high-speed Airport Express train with four stops for 20 minutes (cost 0,72 USD = 60 INR )
  • Or a detour on the subway with lots of stops for about 1.5 hour. The first segment from the city to the station Dwarka Sec-21 costs 0,30 USD = 25. INR then switch to the line Airport Express, and one station from Dwarka Sec-21-Airport to IGI Airport for 0,24 USD = 20. INR
Delhi (India) Airport, Airport Express in New Delhi
Airport Express in New Delhi

Delhi Metro - how to use

In the box office (or, in rare cases, the machine) you buy a token to the destination station.   Please note this badge is valid for the single entry only at this station.   The maximum travel time is 170 minutes after the entrance.   But exit from the same station is possible within only 20 minutes and costs 0,10 USD = 8. INR   At the entrance you simply touch a token to the machine, and on the exit dip it into the machine.    Within 60 minutes you can get the money for the unused trip on the same station where purchased this token.

Alternatively, you can use a travel card for tourists, but it is advantageous, if you are going to only travel a lot on the subway,    so much that in reality it does not make much sense.

One of the few mentioned features of the metro in Delhi is individually check each passenger as in airport. You can stand in line for about an hour

Delhi (India) metro,  subway car
subway car
Metro in Delhi (India), Crowd on the platform
Crowd on the platform
Delhi Metro, Area only for women
Area only for women
Metro in Delhi, vending machine tokens on line AirPort Express
vending machine tokens on line AirPort Express

Buses in Delhi

Location of one of the main new bus stations Delhi: Maharana Pratap ISBT (coordinates: 28.668562, 77.229939). Located in the north of the city near Kashmere Gate Metro Station. From this bus station you can take a bus to many northern areas, such as popular Rishikesh

  • Cost to Rishikesh 3 - 10,8 USD = 250 - 900. INR depending on the bus type.
  • Cost of comfortable bus to Kathmandu (Nepal) is about 30,1 USD = 2 500 INR
  • The usual cost of local buses in the city 0,08 - 0,18 USD = 7 - 15 INR
Buses in India, Bus station in Delhi Maharana Pratap ISBT
Bus station in Delhi Maharana Pratap ISBT
Buses in India, City local bus
City local bus

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