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Attractions and excursions prices in India

Kerala and Varkala

In Kerala i recommend to pay attention to Varkala town, or rather its beach. The quality of water, and the beach is much better and more interesting than in Goa. Certainly it's good to visit tea plantations in Munnar.

Attracions in India , Tea plantations Munnar
Tea plantations Munnar

In the largest shopping center in Kerala, LuLu Mall, you can find everything for entertainment. Artificial ice rink, attractions, billiards, bowling, modern cinema, peint Ball shooting.

Attractions prices

  • Bowling Alley 1,4 - 1,8 USD = 120 - 150 INR per person per game. It depends on the time.
  • Cinema from 0,96 - 2,39 USD = 80 - 200. INR It depends on the time and on the seats.
  • To shoot balls with a gun for peint ball 1,2 USD = 100 INR for 10 shots

Water tours around channels and lakes of Kerala

You can rent a boat-hotel (where 3 - 5 rooms), and swim one or a few days or just a take a public ferry from Alappizha to Kottayam.

  • Th cost of boat-hotels varies, but averages around 0 - 0 USD per day.
  • The cost of the ferry Alappizha - Kottayam 0,19 USD = 16 INR for a trip in one direction
Attracions in Kerala in India, Alappizha ferry
Alappizha ferry

Park Periyar Tiger Reserve

All excursions, hikes and other only with a guide. The park closes at 5 pm.

Prices in the tiger park

  • The cost of entry is 5,4 USD = 450 INR per day per person!
  • Only by paying an entrance fee you can take a cruise on the lake. Estimated cost 3 USD = 250 INR for 90 minutes.
  • Walk in the park 3,6 USD = 300 INR per person, minimum 4 persons.
  • A walk through the jungle 12 USD = 1000 INR per person, minimum two.
  • Walk to the tigers 95,7 USD = 8 000 INR per person
  • Overnight in the jungle 119,6 USD = 10 000 INR per group four persons.
Attracions in India in Kerala, Prices in the park Periyar Tiger Reserve
Prices in the park Periyar Tiger Reserve

Jeep Tours in Kerala

  • Review tour 17,9 USD = 1 500 INR for 2 hours
  • Review excursion around Kerala and Tamil Nadu 23,9 USD = 2 000 INR about 3 hours.

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  • Popular hiking tours, jeep safari, rafting.
  • Rafting on the Ganges in Rishikesh 7,2 - 21,5 USD = 600 - 1800 INR for 9-36 km.
  • Jumping into the abyss at the garter 41,8 - 83,7 USD = 3 500 - 7 000 INR

Prices on the beaches of India, Goa and Varkala

  • Price of an umbrella on the beach Varkala 1,8 USD = 150 INR per day.
  • Sun bed on the beach on Goa 1,2 USD = 100 INR or free with the purchase of food in a cafe on the beach.
Beaches in India, Goa beach
Goa beach
Beaches in India, Varkala beach
Varkala beach
Beaches in India, Sun beds on the beach
Sun beds on the beach

How much are attractions on the beach

  • Speed boat 1,8 USD = 150 INR
  • Tours to watch the dolphins in the open sea 3,6 USD = 300 INR
  • Jet ski 4,8 USD = 400 INR

Entertainments prices in India

How much is a massage and Spa

  • Ayurvedic, swedish 6 USD = 500 INR per hour
  • Relaxing 4,8 USD = 400 INR for 45 minutes
  • Thai 11,4 USD = 950 INR for 90 minutes
  • Acupuncture 9 USD = 750 INR per session
  • Foot massage for 45 minutes 9 USD = 750 INR

Yoga training

  • Cost 2,4 USD = 200 INR for the morning training lasting 70 minutes
  • 3 days for 1,5 hours a day 95,7 USD = 8 000 INR
  • 7 days for 1,5 hours a day 233,2 USD = 19 500 INR

Cost of servises for tourists

Bike rental

Bicycle Hire 0,96 - 2,39 USD = 80 - 200 INR per day (24 hours). It depends on the type of bicycle, its condition and the rental duration.

Attracions in India, Bicycle rental
Bicycle rental


The quality of the Internet in India is quite average.

  • Internet in the computer room 0,12 - 0,48 USD = 10 - 40 INR for 10-60 minutes
  • Internet Wi-Fi 0,24 - 0,60 USD = 20 - 50 INR for 15-60 minutes.

Various services in India

  • Laundry 0,10 - 0,72 USD = 8 - 60 INR per item of clothing, depending on its type. Wash quality in delivery is very poor. Almost always be flaws, and light clothing damage.
  • Cost of ironing 0,36 USD = 30 INR per item.
  • Toilets are paid on average 0,06 USD = 5 INR Often terrible condition.
Services in India, Laundary services in India
Laundary services in India

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