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Transport of Iceland and Reykjavik

Reykjavik Airport

International Airport - Keflavík International Airport - is located about 50 km from Reykjavik, near Keflavik.  Location 63.996268, -22.624338.   The airport is quite comfortable, there are places where you can sit and wait.

How to get

You gen get the Reykjavik city by bus or taxi. One way travel by bus costs 17,2 USD = 2 400 ISK  Website Airportexpress.

Transort in Reykjavik, Keflavík International Airport
Keflavík International Airport


The main feature of the local airline Icelandair icelandair.usis the opportunity to book  transatlantic flight with a stop (no more than 8 days) in Iceland.  Please note - Iceland is exceptionally expensive for tourists even in the off-season (November to April). In-season prices tripled.

Car rentals in Iceland

The best is to rent a car at the airport. Book a car in advance is necessary, as the prices will be significantly lower.  Most offices are located in the airport. But some are located 500 meters from the entrance to the airport. Their Location: 63.998381, -22.630161. You can safely walk.

Gasoline on the island costs about 1,6 USD = 228 ISK for 95.

Transort Reykjavik in Iceland, Rent a car
Rent a car
Transort in Reykjavik in Iceland, The cost of gasoline
The cost of gasoline

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

Reykjavik public transport

Reykjavik small town and bus transport system is well developed. The cost of a trip 2,5 USD = 350. ISK Payable in cash to the driver. Please note - delivery driver does not give! Be sure to ask for a ticket - 'skiptimidi'. It will be valid for travel on another bus for the next 75 minutes. Also there is available tickets for 24, 48 and 72 hours. Price, respectively:

  • 23,7 USD = 3 300 ISK
  • 31,6 USD = 4 400 ISK
  • 35,2 USD = 4 900 ISK
Transort in Reykjavik, City bus
City bus
Transort in Reykjavik, Prices for tourist bus
Prices for tourist bus

Cost of Reykjavik Welcome Card

Travel by public transportation of Reykjavik and free entrance to the popular museums

  • 24 hours 2 510,9 USD = 350 000 ISK
  • 48 hours 3 371,8 USD = 470 000 ISK
  • 72 hours 394,6 USD = 55 000 ISK

Hop-on-hop-off bus

Also, the city has a hop-on-hop-off bus for tourists. Price 25,1 USD = 3 500 ISK The information website

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    Igop 2023-02-09
    Dorogo da milo, dioshevo da gnilo.

    Throstur 2022-12-28
    Prices are long way from reality. Hamburgers are from Kr.2.000.- Pizza is from kr. 2.600.- and so on.

    Einar 2020-01-04
    your Subway prices seem out of date.
    Currently [Jan 2020] 919-949 ISK for 6" and 1519-1549 for footlong.


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