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Sofia and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) transportation overiview

Sofia Airport - how to get

By metro

Sofia Airport is situated at a short distance from the city. It connected with the city by city subway line. Note, that there are two terminals:

Be careful - not every train goes to the airport.


Transport in Sofia, Train to the Airport
Train to the Airport
Transport in Sofia, Schedule of trains to station LETISCHE
Schedule of trains to station LETISCHE

How to get to Sofia Airport by bus

You can take the city buses 84 and 384 to both terminals. In the city, you can catch the bus 84 near Princes Park, Location: 42.692391, 23.335039.

Bus station Sofia

The central bus station located near the city's main train station. Coordinates: 42.710994, 23.322117. From here you can get to Plovdiv and other Bulgarian cities, as well as to major European cities: Belgorod, Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Belgrade, Budapest , Skopje and others.

Railway station Sofia

Sofia Central Station is located near the city center. Coordinates: 42.712034, 23.320495. At the station, there are ATMs and kiosks with snacks. For payment for tickets accepted only local currency.

The train Sofia - Plovdiv and other trains in Bulgaria

The level of wagons varies by grade, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The fare to Plovdiv 1 st class 6,3 USD = 11.30 BGN one way. Class 2 will cost already 5 USD = 9.00. BGN  It is noteworthy that a modern style 2-nd class is enjoyable and comfortable then first class, as the trip is carried out on double-decker trains Siemens  with air conditioning and toilets.

Transport in Sofia, Inside coach class 2
Inside coach class 2
Transport in Sofia, Train 2nd class
Train 2nd class

Metro, buses and trams

Bus urban transport are equally well developed in Sofia and Plovdiv. Ticket price 0,56 USD = 1. BGN In Sofia, you can also take a ride on a tram and trolley bus (a converted Ikarus) for the same price.

The Metropolitan in Sofia is new, especially the last line. The fare is the same as in land transport: 0,56 USD = 1.00. BGN  You can buy tickets only by cash in the machine, or the cashier. More information can be found at official site of Sofia subway

Features taxis in Sofia

The cost of an official taxi:

  • per km. 0,43 USD = 0.77 BGN
  • Boarding 0,39 USD = 0.70 BGN
  • for a call 0,39 USD = 0.70 BGN
  • for waiting 0,12 USD = 0.22 BGN
 Transport in Sofia, Taxi prices
Taxi prices
Transport in Sofia, Taxi is Sofia
Taxi is Sofia
Transport in Sofia, Gasoline prices
Gasoline prices

Car rent in Bulgaria

Approximate prices for renting a car at Sofia airport

Examples of prices when booking in advance for 1 month for 10 days. For full insurance without a deductible, a surcharge of 5,6 USD = 10 BGN per day

  • Vokswagen Polo, manual 10,9 USD = 10 EUR
  • Toyota Yaris, manual 18,5 USD = 17 EUR
  • Vokswagen Golf, manual 21,8 USD = 20 EUR

The cost of petrol and car parks in Bulgaria and Sofia

  • Gasoline from 1,2 USD = 2.24 BGN
  • Diesel 1,3 USD = 2.34 BGN
  • Gas 0,53 USD = 0.95 BGN

The cost of parking 0,56 - 1,11 USD = 1 - 2 BGN per hour.

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Bus station Plovdiv

Bus station in Plovdiv is located in the city center. Coordinates: 42.135613, 24.744252. Buses departure to Sofia, Veliko, Tarnovo and others. Fare to Sofia 7,8 USD = 14. BGN Cost to Istanbul 19,5 USD = 35 BGN

Transport in Plovdiv, Plovdiv Bus Station
Plovdiv Bus Station
Transportation in Plovdiv, Bus  to Sofia
Bus to Sofia
Transport in Plovdiv, Plovdiv- Sofia Schedule
Plovdiv- Sofia Schedule

Plovdiv railway station

Location: 42.134476, 24.741399 near the bus station and the city center. Station Soviet times, the service appropriate. Schedule on the scoreboard does not correspond to the current schedule, so that the time and cost of the train is better to ask the cashier.

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