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Cost of museums tickets, attractions and other attractions in London (UK)

Popular attractions and ticket prices

Tower Bridge

The famous drawbridge with beautiful architecture. One of the adornments of London. A paid visit includes a tower climb, a museum and a walk through the interior of the bridge. You can see how the lifting mechanisms work. Website:

Adult ticket costs 13,7 - 23,2 USD = 10.6 - 18 GBP Child 6,8 USD = 5.3 GBP

Tower of London

A former fortress and a gloomy prison for people of noble birth. Located in one of the most beautiful places in London, next to Tower Bridge. Inside there is a whole complex of museums, including a treasury, where crowns and other paraphernalia of power are kept. The territory is large and beautiful, and stunning views open from the walls of the fortress. There are a lot of people inside the Tower at any time of the day, so it is better to plan visits in the early morning. Website

Adult ticket costs 32,3 USD = 25 GBP Child under 15 16,1 USD = 12.5 GBP

Churchill War Rooms

Churchill's bunker during World War II. It tells and shows how people of different ranks lived in the bunker. Inside is a museum with a story about Churchill's life. Audio guide available

Adult ticket 28,4 USD = 22. GBP child under 15 14,2 USD = 11 GBP

Westminster Abbey

The oldest temple in central London, where weddings, coronations of royalty, as well as burials of members of royal families and famous people take place. You can attend a free organ music concert. Website

Adult ticket 23,2 USD = 18 GBP

St. Paul's Cathedral Paul's Cathedral

A beautiful and majestic cathedral. Upstairs is an open-air observation deck that offers a beautiful view of London. The ascent to the site is not easy, by the steps. A ticket costs 25,8 USD = 20 GBP

Palace of Westminster - Houses of Parliament

The Parliament Building is a large complex of buildings and a symbol of London. Incredible meeting rooms, houses of Lords and Commons, a chamber of vestments, the Queen's throne. Website Ticket price 36,1 USD = 28 GBP

Chelsea FC Stadium Tour & Museum

Organized excursion. They show the stadium, stands, locker rooms, you can go out to the field and sit in the coach's chair. You can visit the club museum and gift shop. The ticket costs 28,4 USD = 22 GBP per person.

The View from The Shard

This is an observation deck of the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe and the fifth tallest skyscraper in general in Europe. Very fast rise on two elevators. Ticket is expensive 43,9 USD = 34 GBP

London Eye

The largest Ferris wheel in Europe and one of the largest in the world. A stunning view of London opens up. Website Ticket price 31 USD = 24 GBP

More examples of prices for entertainment in London

  • HMS Belfast Warship of the 2nd World War. Located next to Tower 24,5 USD = 19 GBP
  • Winsdor Castle 31 USD = 24 GBP
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich 23,2 USD = 18 GBP
  • London Zoo 29,7 USD = 23 GBP
  • Royal Mews 16,8 USD = 13 GBP
  • Various museums 14,2 - 23,2 USD = 11 - 18 GBP

Sites for buying tickets to attractions

To buy a ticket online is almost always cheaper than on the spot You can also avoid the queue at the cashier. On these sites, you can buy e-tickets and go through the Fast lane, as well as get interesting ideas for your vacation.

Compare with prices for museums and excursions in Turkey

What to see in London for free

All national museums in the UK are free. The government is interested in the education and development of the population. Often young people stand at the entrance to museums and offer donations for the development of the museum, usually from 6,5 USD = 5. GBP but donations are voluntary, you can politely refuse. Here are just some of the free activities:

National Gallery of London

An excellent opportunity to see the works of Van Gogh, Raphael, Da Vinci, Rubens and other famous artists for free. The gallery building itself is also a work of art.

National Portrait Gallery

The most famous portrait museum in the world, where paintings are grouped not by artists, but by those who are depicted in the portraits (Mostly famous people of England) 5 thousand portraits from different eras. Near Trafalgar Square, central London.

St James's Park

One of the busiest parks in London, which is located near Big Ben. The park is home to pelicans, parrots, swans, squirrels and a lot of waterfowl

The British Museum

Collection of exhibitions of different cultures from antiquity to the present. Original exhibits from ancient Greece, ancient Rome and more. Huge collection from all over the world.

Victoria and Albert Museum V&A

6 floors of art and creativity from different cultures: from sculptures to theatrical costumes, crowns, photography, jewelry, etc.

Natural History Museum

Known all over the world for his collection of dinosaur bones and the famous Diplodocus standing in the center of the hall. Interactive topics about the origin of the earth, ancient animals that inhabited the earth, technology and much more. There are many entertaining rooms for young children.

Hyde Park

A large beautiful park in the center of London, with a large lake where there are many squirrels, parrots and various other birds. A great place for a picnic in warm weather. There is also a playground with attractions and a Ferris wheel.

Borough Market

The market is a collection of stalls gathered in one place - cheese, wine, seafood, vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, etc.

Sky Garden

An excellent free observation deck in London on the top floor of the Sky Garden skyscraper with a restaurant and a large winter garden. It is better to sign up in advance on the site Free.

Royal Air Force Museum London

A huge number of aircraft. The entire history of aeronautics, from plywood aircraft and derizables to modern nuclear bombers. Bombs, guns, miscellaneous equipment at arm's length. You can climb into some planes, touch everything, twist. Great area for children, a lot of things about aviation entertainment Website

Excursions and tours in London

Big Bus Tours

Big Bus Bus Company offers hop-on, hop-off city tours and other services. Traditionally, by bus Hop-on, hop-off you can move along the circular routes with stops at city attractions. Usually, this way of exploring the city is beneficial, since you do not need to worry about transport and spend time looking for places. You will comfortably inspect everything that is interesting in order. You can take an audio guide, you will learn about the sights, emphasize the atmosphere of the trip and spend your time with interest and benefit while moving around the city. In London, the ticket includes a river cruise on a boat (only on weekdays)

  • Hop-on, Hop-off bus ticket for 1 day 45,2 USD = 35 GBP
  • 2 days ticket 52,3 USD = 40.5 GBP
  • 3 days ticket 80,2 USD = 62.1 GBP

All detailed information on the official website of the company BIG BUS . Discount when buying online. It is also traditionally a 30% discount for children. Big Bus also sells tickets to major London attractions.

Examples of excursions with a group

  • Boat cruise on the Thames 27,1 USD = 21 GBP
  • Sightseeing walking tour of London 25,8 - 38,7 USD = 20 - 30 GBP Individual 154,9 USD = 120 GBP
  • London Bike Tour 38,7 USD = 30 GBP
  • Excursion to the British Museum 25,8 USD = 20 GBP
  • Excursion to the National Gallery 25,8 USD = 20 GBP Individual 193,6 - 258,2 USD = 150 - 200 GBP
  • Excursion to Westminster Abbey 58,1 USD = 45 GBP
  • Excursion to the Tower 58,1 USD = 45 GBP Individual 258,2 USD = 200 GBP
  • Tour to Stonehenge 116,2 USD = 90 GBP
  • Boat to Greenwich 77,4 USD = 60 GBP

Examples of individual excursions

  • Individual walks in different areas of London 129,1 - 193,6 USD = 100 - 150 GBP
  • Visiting various museums with an individual guide 193,6 - 258,2 USD = 150 - 200 GBP
  • Famous London Pubs Tour 142 USD = 110 GBP
  • From Big Ben to Buckingham, the main attractions of central London in 3.5 hours 258,2 USD = 200 GBP
  • Tour to Cambridge 206,5 USD = 160 GBP

Sites for booking excursions

Read my review of useful websites to buy tickets for sightseeing tours and attractions

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