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What to see in Trebinje and where to park (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

This city is located in Republika Srpska, which is quite independent, and constantly on the verge of secession from Bosnia. Many of those who have come to Montenegro for a long time come here to renew their visas. The prices are cheaper and the attitude is nicer.

Cost and features of parking

There are paid parking lots, but the locals also use the free parking very well. One of the best and safest options is to park your car in a public parking lot near the supermarket. The cost of paid parking is from 0,55 USD = 1 BAM per hour. Paid only with local money, in small change. On Sundays and public holidays, parking is free everywhere. Free on Saturdays after 15.00

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Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje), Paid parking
Paid parking
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje), Souvenir magnets
Souvenir magnets


Magnets 1,6 - 2,2 USD = 3 - 4 BAM per pcs.


The sights are located both inside the city and in the distance. A wonderful place to visit is Tvrdoš Monastery. Location 42.717700, 18.292577. Free admission.

For more information on tourist attractions, contact the Tourist Information Center. Location: 42.711067, 18.345254. There you can get a free card. Opening hours: from 8 am to 4 pm, Saturday to 2 pm.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje), Monastery Tvrdos
Monastery Tvrdos
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje), Inside Tvrdos Monastery
Inside Tvrdos Monastery
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Trebinje), Tourist Information Center
Tourist Information Center

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