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Housing prices in Minsk in Belarus

Short trip accommodation

Approximate hotel prices for a traveler:

  • Hostel in the center from 0 - 0 USD per bed
  • 2 star hotel room 0 - 0 USD
  • Hotel room 3-4 stars 0 - 0 USD
  • Rent studio apartment in the center 0 - 0 USD
Tourist accommodation in Minsk, Inexpensive hotel for  <span class='yel'>0</span><span class='micro'> USD </span>
Inexpensive hotel for 0 USD
Tourist accommodation in Minsk, Hotel for  <span class='yel'>0</span><span class='micro'> USD </span>
Hotel for 0 USD
Tourist accommodation in Minsk, Apartment for  <span class='yel'>0</span><span class='micro'> USD </span>
Apartment for 0 USD

On my last trip to Minsk, I rented a studio apartment in the center of Minsk for 0 USD per day. You could find it much cheaper. I was returning from a trip to expensive European countries through Belarus to Russia and the price of 0 USD per day seemed to me not high at all.

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Renting an apartment for a long time

Price dependence on the season

Usually, apartment prices rise by the beginning of the school year - by September. And by the summer - on the contrary, they decrease slightly. Thus, if there are currently no good options, then the situation may improve by summer.

Approximate prices for rent in Minsk per month

  • studio apartments 0 USD
  • 1 bedroom 0 USD
  • 2 bedrooms 0 USD

Buying a flat in Minsk

What houses are there

  • Stalinists. Built from 1930 to 1950 High ceilings and thick brick walls. Many houses in the center of Minsk
  • Khrushchevs. Built from 1950 to 1970 Combined bathroom, small kitchen and adjoining rooms. Many houses in areas adjacent to the center
  • Brezhnevka. Built from 1965 to 1980. Small kitchen like in Khrushchev, but separate rooms and a separate bathroom.
  • Typical project. Built from 1971 to 2000. Panel houses with separate bathroom and kitchen, about 7-7.5 sq.m.
  • Czech project. Apartments with improved planning. Built since 1980. 12-storey panel houses with kitchens from 8 - 9.5 sq.m.
  • Modern apartments. They have been building since 2000. Apartments with a larger area than previously built with a large kitchen from 9 sq.m.
Houses in Minsk in Belarus, Stalinka
Houses in Minsk in Belarus, Khrushchev
Houses in Minsk in Belarus, Typical project
Typical project
Houses in Minsk,  Morden houses in Minsk
Morden houses in Minsk

What districts are there in Minsk

  • Frunzensky. A huge industrial area under construction in the northwestern part of Minsk
  • Moscow. Remote sleeping area in the southwest with dense development
  • Oktyabrsky. A spacious area in the south of Minsk with large green areas. Near Kurasovschinskoe reservoir, Loshitsa river.
  • Factory. The most industrial part of Minsk with the lowest cost of housing. Located in the south-eastern part of the city
  • Partisan. The most sparsely populated area in the eastern part of the city. Many industrial enterprises
  • Central. It covers part of the historical center, north-west of the capital, including the villages of Tsnyanka and Rzhavets, and is the hallmark of the city.
  • Soviet. A beautiful area with green courtyards and parks. It covers most of the Independence Avenue.
  • Leninsky. One of the greenest areas of Minsk along the Sviloch river
  • May Day. Green and eco-friendly area of ​​the city.

Estimated cost of apartments in Minsk per square meter

  • Central District 0 USD
  • Soviet, Pervomaisky, Leninsky 0 USD
  • Frunzensky, Moskovsky, Partizansky 0 USD
  • Factory area 0 USD

That is, a small 2-room apartment of 50m2 will cost about 0 - 0 USD Of course, there are more expensive options, up to 0 USD

How to find accommodation

  • Notice board and accurate statistics are available on the site
  • You can also find a lot of information on the site

Utility bills in Belarus

  • Apartment maintenance 0,04 USD = 0.1274 BYN per m2
  • Heat supply (heating and water heating) 28,2 USD = 92.25 BYN per 1 Gcal.
  • Deductions for overhaul 0,04 USD = 0.13 BYN per m2
  • Cold water supply 0,27 USD = 0.8851 BYN per m3
  • Water disposal (sewerage) 0,17 USD = 0.5651 BYN per m3
  • Electricity 0,06 USD = 0.2090 BYN per 1 kWh

Actual information on sites

  • Tariffs for housing and communal services on the website of the Minsk administration
  • Electricity tariffs on the Minskenergo website

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