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Minsk sights and ticket prices

What to see for free in Minsk

Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit

The main Orthodox church in Belarus with beautiful architecture. Located in the city center in a beautiful location by the river. Walking around Minsk you will not be able to pass by.

Temple in honor of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity

A beautiful wooden church built without a single nail. It is located far from the city center, you need to go by public transport.

Minsk Komarovsky market

Large clean and tidy food market from local producers. A wide selection of delicious Belarusian sausages, cheeses and other excellent products. Recommended for buying edible souvenirs. Prices are slightly higher than in a supermarket, but there is more choice. The market is located near the Yakub Kolas Square metro station.

The city of Minsk itself

It's nice to walk along the wide, clean streets of Minsk, along the embankment, along the streets of the Upper City. You just need to walk from the railway station to the city center.

What to see in Minsk, Minsk Gate
Minsk Gate
What to see in Minsk, The city center
The city center
What to see in Minsk, Government House
Government House
What to see in Minsk, Walking along the embankment
Walking along the embankment
What to see in Minsk, Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit
Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit
What to see in Minsk, Temple in honor of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity
Temple in honor of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity
What to see in Minsk, Independence Square
Independence Square
What to see in Minsk, Wide streets of Minsk
Wide streets of Minsk
What to see in Minsk, Squares in Minsk
Squares in Minsk

Museums in Minsk - prices overview

Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

A huge, impressive, large-scale museum, which reflects the main events of the Great Patriotic War. There are many realistic thematic exhibitions, modern information touch panels, military equipment and uniforms. You can schedule several hours for a visit. Better to take a guided tour, or an audio guide.Official site

  • Adult ticket 2,7 USD = 9 BYN
  • Pupils 1,4 USD = 4.5 BYN
  • Children under 7 free
  • Audio guide 1,2 USD = 4 BYN

Groshi Money Museum

Presented are banknotes and coins of Belarus from different times, as well as money from different countries of the world. An interactive scoreboard or a tour from the owner of the museum will help you to understand the issue! Adult ticket prices 2,7 USD = 9 BYN Official site

Alivaria Brewery Museum

You can visit the Brewery Museum on a guided tour, which will tell you about the history of the brewery and all stages of brewing. And of course the tasting. Pour 2 glasses of 0.33l each. excursion price 4,6 USD = 15. BYN book in advance on the website The museum is located near the center.

Strana-Mini Museum

The task of the museum is to show copies of the key sights of Belarus and encourage the visitirs to go to see them live. Models of the main attractions - castles, fortresses, palaces, temples, are made in detail and with skill. Audio guide tells the history of the buildings.

Ticket price, adult 5,5 USD = 18. BYN Child 4,3 USD = 14 BYN Audio guide is included in the ticket price. The museum is in the center. Website

Showroom LIBRA

Pleasant exhibition space of the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus and works of world famous authors. Current exhibitions and prices can be viewed on the website Approximate prices of tickets for exhibitions 3,1 - 4,6 USD = 10 - 15 BYN

Examples of excursions in Minsk and prices

Examples of excursions with a group

Various bus routes to the sights of Minsk from excursion agencies cost about 10,7 USD = 35 BYN

Acquaintance with Minsk 2 hours - to understand the centuries-old history of the city and admire its beauty 16,3 USD = 15 EUR

Eat, drink, talk heart to heart - Beer, cocktails, pickles, potato pancakes on a walk through tasty and interesting places of the city 2.5 hours 35,8 USD = 33 EUR

Bicycle walk around Minsk with a local resident - a city from unexpected angles far from tourist trails: from refined central districts to colorful "sleeping bags" 2.5 hours. Price 32,5 USD = 30 EUR

Examples of Individual excursions in Minsk

Ancient Minsk. Walk around the city with almost a thousand-year history 2.5 hours. Price 32,5 USD = 30 EUR per tour

Walking tour: the best in Minsk is to get around the main attractions and hear about the past and present life of the city. 2,5 hours Price 37,9 USD = 35 EUR for the whole excursion.

Hello Minsk! Top attractions and fascinating stories about local life 37,9 USD = 35 EUR

A trip to the castles of Belarus Castles Mir and Nesvizh, the spirit of the Middle Ages and the history of the Radziwill family 9 hours. 8 770,2 USD = 8 090 EUR transfer if needed

How to choose an excursion

Read my review of useful websites to buy tickets for sightseeing tours and attractions

Souvenir prices

  • Magnets 0,76 - 1,22 USD = 2.5 - 4 BYN
  • Various mugs and mini-books 1,2 - 1,5 USD = 4 - 5 BYN
  • Chocolate 200 gr 1,1 USD = 3.5 BYN
  • Mini-vodka 200 gr. 0,92 - 1,22 USD = 3 - 4 BYN
Souvenirs in Minsk, Small magnets
Small magnets
Souvenirs in Minsk, Edible souvenirs
Edible souvenirs
Souvenirs in Minsk, Mini vodka
Mini vodka

Cost of various services

  • Women's haircut from 3,7 USD = 12 BYN
  • Men's haircut from 3,4 USD = 11 BYN
  • Manicure from 3,4 USD = 11 BYN
  • Pedicure from 6,7 USD = 22 BYN
Prices in Minsk for services, Prices in a hairdressing salon
Prices in a hairdressing salon

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