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Transportation prices in Lima and Peru

How to get to the sea port

Sea Port, as well as the airport are at a distance from the town, in the district Kallao. Seaport Location : -12.050902, -77.141418.

To get to the central area of Lima ​- Miraflores you can easily by local bus.  Stop at the next ring, opposite the petrol station, the exact Location -12.051642, -77.138262.

Payment by cash only local money. Fare 0,52 USD = 2. PEN There is bus number 36. But maybe not only this route.Take large buses, as on the photo! The trip takes about an hour. Back to the port you can take a bus here: -12.107622, -77.037005.

Transportation in Peru (Lima), Bus ticket
Bus ticket
Transportation in Peru (Lima), The bus from the port to the center
The bus from the port to the center

Public transportation in Lima

Local transportation in the city is very well developed. But there is only allocated stop closer to the center. Elsewhere boarding anywhere on demand.

Taxis in Peru and Lima

The level of taxis is very different and depends on the company. And the price may be the same.  Always heavily traded. Do not use taxis falling apart and dirty, they may not be safe!

Estimated taxi fares

  • Taxi for a short distance (10 minutes) 3,9 - 5,2 USD = 15 - 20 PEN
  • From the Miraflores area to the bus station (cruz del sur bus station) 5 km and 10 min. 5,2 USD = 20 PEN
  • To Lima Airport (12 km, 35 min.) 11,8 - 13,1 USD = 45 - 50 PEN
Transportation in Peru (Lima), Good taxi
Good taxi
Transportation in Peru (Lima), Poor taxi
Poor taxi
Transportation in Peru (Lima), The cost of gasoline
The cost of gasoline

Car rental

Estimated cost of car rental

  • Kia Rio Mechanics 26,8 USD = 25 EUR
  • Kia Rio Automatic 26,8 USD = 25 EUR
  • Toyota Prius 53,5 USD = 50 EUR

Vehicle-related costs

  • The cost of gasoline 3,1 - 3,6 USD = 11.85 - 13.69 PEN per liter.
  • The cost of organized parking 1,8 USD = 7 PEN per hour during the daytime in the center of Miraflores.

Long-distance transportation in Peru

Trains and buses fares

  • Bus Cuzco - Lima 49,8 USD = 190 PEN
  • Train Expedition Ollanta - Aguas-Кulentes 0 USD there and back
  • Bus Paracas - Nazca-Arequipa costs 26,2 USD = 100 PEN
  • Kiabumbe-Cusco 9,2 USD = 35 PEN
  • Aguas-Kulyentas 6,6 USD = 25 PEN
  • From Puno to Cusco Inka Express 0 USD

Air-flights between the cities of Peru

  • Chivay - Puno 11,8 USD = 45 PEN
  • Ticket from Puno in La Paz costs 9,2 USD = 35 PEN
  • From Lima to Arequipa 0 USD
  • From Cusco to Lima for 0 USD
  • From Lima to Quito and back 91,8 USD = 350 PEN
  • From Quito to Galapagos Islands (Bultra) and back 97 USD = 370 PEN

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