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Tbilisi and Georgia public transportation


Main railway station is located in the north-west of the city, on the Station Square. The Location 41.721211, 44.798499 Here you can catch local and long-distance trains

You can buy tickets at the station box office only by cash.

Train to Azerbaijan: Tbilisi - Baku

Train 37 Tbilisi - Baku departure at 16:30 usually from platform number 3. Arrival time at the station Baku - the next day at 9:20 am. The cost of ticket with reserved seat 14,8 USD = 40.28. GEL The train is new and clean.

It is recommended to buy tickets in advance!

Crossing the border takes about 2 hours time.

Trains in Georgia,  main railway station
main railway station
Trains in Georgia, schedule: intercity and international trains
schedule: intercity and international trains
Trains in Georgia, Train schedule commuter train
Train schedule commuter train
Trains in Georgia, Train Baku-Tbilisi inside (reserved seat)
Train Baku-Tbilisi inside (reserved seat)
Trains in Georgia, Train Batumi - Yerevan
Train Batumi - Yerevan

Train to Arminius: Batumi - Yerevan

Train 201 Batumi - Yerevan departure from Tbilisi at 22.16. Arrival time at the Central Station in Yerevan at 7:25 am the next day.

Intercity buses

The bus station Ortachala is located in the south-east of the city. The Location 41.675478, 44.834348. Departure buses to Russia and Armenia

Also many intercity buses departure from the square in front of the railway station

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Private transportation in Tbilisi


To move around the country you can hire a private transportation. For example a good minivan. The cost 91,7 USD = 250 GEL per day + petrol.

Buses in Georgia, Bus station in Tbilisi
Bus station in Tbilisi
Taxi in Tbilisi,  Minivan Baku-Batumi
Minivan Baku-Batumi
transportation in Tbilisi, the cost of transport rent
the cost of transport rent

Rental car

Also, you can rent a car, For as low as 0 USD a day.

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Public transportation

Well-developed public transportation system of Tbilisi consists of buses and subway! Tbilisi city transportation map

  • Subway or bus fare 0,18 USD = 0.5 GEL
  • Minibus 0,29 USD = 0.8 GEL
City transportation, Tbilisi metro card
Tbilisi metro card
Attractions in Tbilisi, Tbilisi Cableway - boarding place
Tbilisi Cableway - boarding place


Boarding places:

One way Fare 0,37 USD = 1. GEL Opening hours: from 11 am to midnight.

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    Corne 2023-12-13
    I am from South Africa. I can stay there for 365 days. What is the cheapest accommodation,available? Per monthly rental? A room or something like that?

    Buse 2023-10-01
    Hi now im going to Georgia by car. I want to learn the current prices.

    Joan 2022-10-10
    Please I m in interested in relocating to Georgia with my family. Please is it possible to get a job from my country Nigeria. And if not possible is it easier to get a job immediately I arrive there. Read so much about the place and I love it.

    Gabriel 2022-10-11
    Everyone I know says it's very difficult to find a job in Georgia, Joan. I'm going there in November too. :/

    giorgi 2022-10-08
    this prices is outdated i'm georgian myself and i think these are the prices before covid and before war in ukraine. for example White cheese 3,7 EUR = 10 GEL per kg. right now cheese cost's starting from 15gel wich is like 5 euro! if you see chesse that cost's 3.7 eur don't buy it :D
    Hamburger 0,72 EUR = 1.95 GEL now it's like 3 euro 5-6 gel at mc
    Big Mac 2,1 EUR = 5.85 GEL now it's like 14gel 5.14euro moment i'm writing. 10/09/22 12:08am haha! :)
    double or triple!

    Prince 2022-11-24
    Gorgi we're planning to travel this December maybe you could keep me updated. Thanks. See you then.

    Jordan 2022-10-20
    How much automotive engineer paid monthly in lari

    TROY RODRIGUES 2021-06-05

    Oumar pharouk 2020-03-30
    I love the country and your foods

    Giorgi 2021-03-28
    thanks man <3


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