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Prices in Columbia

Attractions, transport and souvenirs in Cartagena in Columbia

Places to see and tickets prices in Cartagena

Good to walk around the city center (the coordinates 10.423169, -75.549344), visit the beaches in the area of Bocagrande (coordinates 10.406189, -75.554687).

Castillo de San Felipe - Fortress. Opening hours from 8 am to 18 pm. Price 4,2 USD = 17 000 COP

The sightseeing bus  Adult ticket 0,01 USD = 45.000 COP children 0,01 USD = 35.000 COP

Museums in Cartagena

Things to do in Cartagena, City Center
City Center
Things to do in Cartagena, Square in the Downtown
Square in the Downtown
Things to do in Cartagena, Beaches near Bocagrande
Beaches near Bocagrande
Things to do in Colombia, Tickets to the fortress Castillo de San Felipe
Tickets to the fortress Castillo de San Felipe
Things to do in Colombia, Castillo de San Felipe
Castillo de San Felipe
Things to do in Colombia, Sightseeing bus
Sightseeing bus

Tour of the city in a carriage.

  • 15 - 20 minutes 10 USD = 40 000 COP
  • 25 - 30 minutes 14,9 USD = 60 000 COP


  • The cost of a movie ticket 1,7 - 3 USD = 7 000 - 12 000 COP The Theatre 19,9 USD = 80 000 COP
  • Tickets for the disco around 0 USD = 10.000 COP
Entertainment in Cartagena, Sightseeing bus
Sightseeing bus
Entertainment in Cartagena, Carriage excursion prices
Carriage excursion prices
Entertainment in Colombia, Movie tickets
Movie tickets

Prices of souvenirs in Colombia

  • Magnets 0 - 0 USD
  • Veer 0 USD
  • Tobacco products 0 - 0 USD per set
  • Coffee 0 USD per 500g.
  • Chocolate 0 USD per 70g.
  • Sauces 0 USD for 500ml.
Souvenirs in Kartagena, Suvenir magnets
Suvenir magnets
Gift in Columbia, Veer
Souvenirs in Cartagena, Cigars
Souvenirs, Colombia Coffee
Colombia Coffee
Souvenirs in Cartagena, Chocolate
Gift in Columbia, BBQ sauce
BBQ sauce
Souvenirs in Cartagena, Glass

Transportation in Cartagena

The seaport is located a short distance from the city center. Coordinates 10.405373, -75.532251. There is a free mini-zoo in the port. The main sights of the city can easily be reached on foot. Taxi service is also excellent. City transport is represented by buses. The fare 0,17 USD = 700 COP within the city

Transportation in Cartagena in Colombia, Seaport
Transportation in Cartagena in Colombia, City buses
City buses
Transportation in Cartagena in Colombia, Free mini zoo
Free mini zoo

Car rent

  • Rent a cheap car 0 USD per day
  • The price of petrol per liter 2,1 USD = 8 600 COP
  • The cost of parking in the average per hour 0,25 USD = 1000. COP per 4 hours 0,75 USD = 3 000 COP
Transportation in Cartagena, Gasoline prices
Gasoline prices

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