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Overview of transport of Santiago - the location of the stations, sample prices

Seaport Valparaiso

The nearest sea port of Santiago is located in Valparasio, a 10-minute walk from the bus station. The Location of the entrance to the port: -33.042949, -71.606867. The Location of the bus station in Valparaiso: -33.047098, -71.606470.

Transportation in Sanitago in Chile, Inside the marine station
Inside the marine station

How to get to the seaport by bus from Santiago

Buses to Santiago from Valparaiso departure with an interval of about 30 minutes. The fare for a round trip 7 USD = 6 500 CLP The buses are comfortable and clean, equipped with air conditioning.

Transportation in Sanitago in Chile, Ticket from the seaport to Santiago
Ticket from the seaport to Santiago
Transportation in Sanitago in Chile, Inside the bus going to the port
Inside the bus going to the port
Transportation in Sanitago in Chile, COACHES

Bus Terminal in Santiago

The Santiago Bus Terminal is located in the western part of the city. Location: -33.453268, -70.686317. Easily accessible by metro station Universidad de Santiago that is directly connected to the bus station by an underground passage. Examples of tariffs on the photo:

Transportation in in Sanitago Chile Santiago, Bus station
Bus station
Transportation in in Sanitago Chile, Examples of long-distance tariffs
Examples of long-distance tariffs

Railroad and subway in Santiago

The railway station Estación Central is located in the city. Location: -33.451145, -70.679303.

The cost of travel by the metro is time-dependent 0,63 - 0,75 USD = 590 - 700 CLP

Transportation in  in SanitagoChile Santiago, Railway Station
Railway Station
Vehicles in  in SanitagoChile, Metro prices
Metro prices
Transportation in Chile Santiago, Subway

Car rental

  • Kia Rio, mechanic 51,4 USD = 48 000 CLP   
  • Hyundai Accent, automatic 61 USD = 57 000 CLP   
  • For full insurance without franchise 12,8 USD = 12 000 CLP per day
  • Parking 0,39 USD = 362 CLP for 20 minutes.
  • Gasoline from 0,82 USD = 767 CLP per liter.

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Transportation in Sanitago in Chile, Gasoline prices
Gasoline prices

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