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Overview of transportation in Argentina in Buenos Aires


The seaport is located in the city, about 3km from the city center. It is easy to walk.The Location of port: -34.582372, -58.370867.

Intercity buses in Argentina

The central bus station is "Retiro".Location: -34.587635, -58.372709. Located in the city and is accessible by foot. From here departure buses to Iguazu Falls (Argentine town Puerto Iguazu)

All of the buses are comfortable. They are thee classes:

  • Normal (SemiCama)
  • Comfortable (Cama)
  • and Coupe (Suite)

Comfort class (see photo) - wide seats with footrests, the location of rows 2 + 1. Buses do not stop for a break. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner on the board.

Transport in Buenos Aires, Map of places in the bus
Map of places in the bus
Transport in Buenos Aires, Lunch in the bus
Lunch in the bus
Transport in Buenos Aires, Inside the intercity bus
Inside the intercity bus

It is recommended to buy tickets at the box office of the station. Attention: The bus station is directly adjacent to the very poor and quite insecure areas Villa 31. Be careful!

Buses to almost all areas of South America. Prices for some direction on the photographs.

Argentina  Transport,  Bus Station Cashier
Bus Station Cashier
Transport in Buenos Aires, Prices for buses from Buenos Aires
Prices for buses from Buenos Aires
Transport in Argentina, Cost of buses in South America
Cost of buses in South America
Buses in Buenos Aires, International buses from Buenos Aires
International buses from Buenos Aires
Argentina  Transport,  Transportation prices
Transportation prices

Taxi features in Buenos Aires.

The taxi is better to call using the service from a hotel. Payment on the counter. The cost of a taxi from the center to the bus station around 73,7 - 84,2 USD = 70 - 80. EUR

Local transportation in Argentina, City taxi
City taxi

The civilized urban transport

The metro and bus transport is well developed. Fare 2,6 USD = 2.50 EUR for a single ride.

Transportation in Buenos Aires, Bus
Transportation in Buenos Aires, Subway in Argentina
Subway in Argentina

Transport rental

Rental a bike

Free bike rental for an hour on the security of a passport. For more information visit the

Car rental and services

  • The cost of gasoline in the city 0,10 USD = 11.84 ARS per liter.
  • Swap wheels 0,04 USD = 5 ARS
  • Vacuum cleaner for interior 0,12 USD = 15 ARS


The cost of parking in the city is about 0,16 - 0,32 USD = 20 - 40 ARS per hour depending on the location.

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Transportation in Buenos Aires, The cost of parking
The cost of parking
Transportation in Buenos Aires, Bikes
Transportation in Argentina, Car service
Car service

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