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The review of public transportatin of Athens in Greece

How to get to the the seaport

The sea port where cruise liners stop, located in the Pireas.  Coordinates: 37.938001, 23.635867. From Athens, the port can be reached by subway.  Coordinates of the metro station in Pireas: 37.948036, 23.642815.

Transoport Athens, Metro

Metro and city transport in Athens

To visit the major central attractions such as the Acropolis, you can get off at THISSIO. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office or automatic machines for cash.

  • Fare 1,7 USD = 1.40 EUR for a ticket, which can be used in all transport modes, it is valid for 70 minutes.
  • A ticket for 4,9 USD = 4.00 EUR valid for all modes of transport within 24 hours.

Before boarding an underground train ticket is necessary to stamp!

Transoport Athens in Greece, metro line from the seaport
metro line from the seaport
Transoport in Athens in Greece, Ticket machine
Ticket machine
Transoport in Athens in Greece, Composter
Transoport in Athens in Greece, Bus

How to get to the airport of Athens

Athens International Airport is situated at a distance of 30 kilometers from the city. Coordinates: 37.937985, 23.946042 You can reach the city center by the third line of the metro (fare 12,3 USD = 10 EUR ) or buses X92, X93, X94, X95, X96, X97 (cost 6,2 USD = 5 EUR )

In 40 minutes you can reach on a special shuttle bus. Price 9,7 USD = 7.90. EUR

Airport Site:

Transoport in Athens, Airport Express
Airport Express

Taxi in Athens

We can not say that the taxi in the city look neat, but not too dirty.

  • The cost of boarding 1,5 USD = 1.19 EUR
  • 0,42 USD = 0.34 EUR per kilometer inside the city during the day
  • 0,79 USD = 0.64 EUR per kilometers outside the city or at night from 0 to 5 in the morning.
  • The minimum fare 3,9 USD = 3.20 EUR

Examples of taxi fares

  • Downtown - Sea Port (Piraeus port) 19,7 USD = 16. EUR go 50 minutes and 13 km
  • A taxi to the airport 35km and 40 minutes. price 43,1 USD = 35 EUR

There may be hidden charges. Tipping is not mandatory. Insist on using the meter!

Transoport in Greece, Taxi in Athens
Taxi in Athens

Examples of car rental prices in Athens and Greece

  • Nissan Micra, mechanical/automatic 20,9 - 22,1 USD = 17 - 18 EUR
  • Suzuki Splash, automatic 28,3 USD = 23 EUR
  • Volkswagen Golf, mechanics 29,5 USD = 24 EUR
  • Hyundai I30, automatiс 33,2 USD = 27 EUR

For the insurance with no deductible surcharge of about 12,3 USD = 10 EUR per day

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