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Things to do in Croatia, tours and excursions prices

Zagreb - what to see, how much are tickets

Free attractions

The central area of Ban Jelačić with the monument to Josip Jelačić. The Location 45.813182, 15.977333 . Nearby is the Dubrovnik Cathedral and St. Stephen's and Vladislav . This beautiful cathedral with night illumination. The old town is recommended to visit in the evening.

It is also recommended to vizit square with Saint Mark's Church. Location: 45.816323, 15.973690. Note: relatively close is Ribnjak Park. Location: 45.816765, 15.980139. Visit the best King Tomislav square, Location 45.806108, 15.978636. Also pleasing Art Pavilion in Zagreb, located in the same area.

All additional information can be found on the website of Tourism Zagreb:

Museums and parks of Zagreb (Croatia)
The central square of Ban Jelačić
Museums and parks of Zagreb (Croatia)
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Stephen's and Vladislav
Museums and parks of Zagreb (Croatia)
Saint Mark's Church

The Plitvice Lakes National Park

Museums and parks of Zagreb (Croatia)
Bus Schedule to The Plitvice Lakes National Park
The Location of the park entrance: 44.905094, 15.611350 .


  • One day adult 16,5 USD = 110 HRK children 8,3 USD = 55. HRK students 12 USD = 80 HRK
  • Two days: adult 27,1 USD = 180 HRK children 13,5 USD = 90. HRK students 19,5 USD = 130 HRK

The park can be reached by bus. Schedule on the photo. Official website:

Dubrovnik - recreation prices

Dubrovnik offers a large number of travel agencies and tours.

Active rest

  • Lokrum Island by kayak 52,6 USD = 350 HRK duration 4 hours.
  • Walk tour to the Fort Imperial 37,6 USD = 250 HRK per 2.5 hour hike.
  • A Walk in the suburb of Dubrovnik 436,6 USD = 2 904 HRK hours.
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Lokrum Island by kayak
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Excursion to the Fort Imperial
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Walk in the suburb of Dubrovnik

The prices for excursions and tours (various agencies in Dubrovnik)

  • Mostar from 43,6 USD = 290 HRK
  • Montenegro 43,6 USD = 290 HRK
  • Korcula 58,6 USD = 390 HRK
  • Medugorje 52,6 USD = 350 HRK
  • MLJet 82,7 USD = 550 HRK
  • CAVTAT Castle of Sokol 120,3 USD = 800 HRK
  • TRSTENO STON 120,3 USD = 800 HRK
  • 3 islands with lunch 33,1 USD = 220 HRK
  • Split 82,7 USD = 550 HRK
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Various group day tours
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Tours Half-day
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Visit to Split

More excursions and tours in Dubrovnik

  • Walking city tour 13,5 USD = 90. HRK
  • water bus excursion (boat with glass bottom) 11,3 USD = 75 HRK
  • Excursion and sightseeing buses, price 3,8 - 9 USD = 25 - 60. HRK
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Walking city Tours
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
glass-bottom boat excursion

Cable car and mountain view point

A wonderful view of the city opens from the mountains. To get there without a car, you can either walk, winding through the mountains, or cable car .

The fare one-way 13,5 USD = 90. HRK and back 19,5 USD = 130. HRK There is a free toilet and a small restaurant.

Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Cable car ticket prices
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
The cable car in Dubrovnik
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Menu at the restaurant on top of the mountain

Tour companies of Dubrovnik

A lot of information about tours, excursions, transportation and housing, can be found on tour companies we-sites:

Meeting at the airport Dubrovnik

Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Meeting at the airport by tour companies
  • Service Meeting at the airport Dubrovnik from 37,6 USD = 250 HRK
  • Cavtat 30,1 USD = 200 HRK
  • SLANO 52,6 USD = 350 HRK
  • ZATON 45,1 USD = 300 HRK
  • ZADAR 451,1 USD = 3 000 HRK
  • MOSTAR 270,6 USD = 1 800 HRK
  • Podgorica 375,9 USD = 2 500 HRK
  • Korcula town 180,4 USD = 1 200 HRK

Trogir - holidays by the sea: what to see and examples of excursions

Trogir offers nice summer vacation at the beach. In the old town of Trogir, visit the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. Location 43.517069, 16.251213. Cost 3,8 USD = 25. HRK

In Split, visit the Cathedral of Saint Domnius , Location 43.508251, 16.440244 , entrance fare 3,8 USD = 25. HRK and the Tower 6,8 USD = 45 HRK

Please note the Cruise from As well as cruises for cyclists from

Things to do in Trogir (Croatia)
Beaches in Trogir
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Cathedral of Saint Domnius
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Cruise boat

A typical tour desk on the waterfront, where you can choose entertainments according to your taste and budget. For example, tours along the rivers and canoeing. Price from 66,2 USD = 440 HRK per day tour from morning till evening. For more information, please visit

Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Cruises for cyclists
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
tour desk on the waterfront
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
boat tours and canoeing

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