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Attractions and transport in Trogir and Split (Croatia)

Features of transport

Trogir does not need public transport. Everything is available by foot.

Split - not a small town, but the downtown can be walked around by foot. All information about public transportation of Split here: .

Rental bike

You'll find bike rental office inside the old city. Track bicycle rental fees:

  • Up to 6 hours 13,3 USD = 80 HRK
  • Up to 24 hours 20 USD = 120 HRK
  • 3 days 41,7 USD = 250 HRK
  • 7 days 86,7 USD = 520 HRK
Transportation in Trogir (Croatia)
Bicycles for hire


The cost of parking at a distance from the old city center 0,67 USD = 4 HRK per hour.

What to see in Trogir and Split, examples of excursions

Trogir offers nice summer vacation at the beach. In the old town of Trogir, visit the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. Coordinates 43.517069, 16.251213. Cost 4,2 USD = 25. HRK

In Split, visit the Cathedral of Saint Domnius , coordinates 43.508251, 16.440244 , entrance fare 4,2 USD = 25. HRK and the Tower 7,5 USD = 45 HRK

Please note the Cruise from As well as cruises for cyclists from

A typical tour desk on the waterfront, where you can choose entertainments according to your taste and budget. For example, tours along the rivers and canoeing. Price from 73,4 USD = 440 HRK per day tour from morning till evening. For more information, please visit

Things to do in Trogir and Split (Croatia)
Beaches in Trogir
Things to do in Trogir and Split (Croatia)
Cathedral of Saint Domnius
Excursions in Trogir and Split (Croatia)
Cruise boat
Things to do in Trogir and Split (Croatia)
Cruises for cyclists
Excursions and tours in Trogir and Split (Croatia)
tour desk on the waterfront
Attractions in Trogir and Split (Croatia)
boat tours and canoeing

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