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Guilin in China - what to see, how to get there and where to stay

Transport in Guilin and China - how to get to landscape Star Wars

Bus and rail links allow you to get to the most beautiful places of interest in China.

How to get to Guilin by train

From Nanning to Guilin can be reached by train (8 hours) 10,2 USD = 64.5 CNY (soft seat).Station Coordinates: 25.263875,110.278218. Strongly recommend you to pay twice as much and take a hard sleep. But it is necessary to buy such tickets in advance (3 - 7 days), and on holidays for 2 - 3 weeks!

From Guilin to Guangzhou can also be reached by rail. Prices:

  • Soft seats 15,8 USD = 100 CNY
  • Hard sleep seats 31,5 USD = 200 CNY
  • Soft sleep seats - Coupe 50,4 USD = 320 CNY
Transportation in China in Guilin
Train to Guangzhou
Transportation in China in Guilin
Inside the train
Transportation in China in Guilin
Railway station in Guilin

Buses from Guilin to Yangsho and Xing Ping

From Guilin to Yangsho on the air-conditioned bus (without toilet) for two hours, the cost 3,5 USD = 22 CNY

Transportation in China in Guilin
Bus from Guilin to Yangsho
Transportation in China in Guilin
Inside the bus
Buses in China in Guilin
Schedule form Yangsho in Guilin

Bus from Yangsho to KsingPing is 1,1 USD = 7 CNY (40 minutes) Coordinates of bus station in town KsingPing: 24.920335,110.527615.

Get to the other side of the river can be up to 6 pm on the official boat. Minute journey will cost you 0,32 USD = 2 CNY (one way).Coordinates of the ships: 24.91908,110.52136 (the left-most edge of the pier, if you look at the river).

Transportation in China in Guilin
boat on the river in Guilin
Transportation in China
Guilin Pierce
Transportation in China in Guilin
Bicycle rental

Local transportation in Guilin

Guilin travel decker city buses. Cost for foreigners 0,32 USD = 2. CNY You can get to most tourist destinations within the city.

Bicycle rental 1,3 - 1,6 USD = 8 - 10 CNY per day

Budget accommodations in Guilin (Yangsho, KsingPing)

Easier and cheaper to do everything possible in advance. Many hotels prefer not to communicate with reservation systems like, and allow you to use only their own web sites, mail or call. It is easy to find it using As throughout China, the cost of budget housing is twice higher than in Southeast Asia, and is 20 - 25 USD Please note that the vast majority of them are still only accepts cash. Would be a pleasant surprise for you free laundry in most hostels and hotels. Of unpleasant, you'll notice problems with sewage in China. Unpleasant odors in bathroom and toilet is a normal phenomenon.

Accommodation in China in Guilin
Relatively low prices for accommodation
Hotels in China in Guilin
Room Photos
Housing in China in Guilin
budget hotel

Prices for entertainment and attractions in Guilin

Elephant hill scenic area in Guilin. The cost is very modest by local standards 12 USD = 76 CNY

Price tags 15,8 - 47,3 USD = 100 - 300 CNY is normal for this Asian country!

Tours and attraction prices in Guilin

  • Rivers cruises 12,6 - 48,1 USD = 80 - 305 CNY
  • Fish SPA 20min. 3,9 USD = 25 CNY
  • Trip to the rice terraces, 4 persons 34,7 USD = 220 CNY per person. Entrance to the terrace 12,6 USD = 80 CNY included.
  • Ride on a bamboo raft 25,2 USD = 160 CNY
  • Reed Flute Cave 14,2 USD = 90. CNY Can be reached by bus number 3.
  • Park Sever Star admission fee 8,7 USD = 55. CNY Bus number 11.
  • Elephant Trunk park 11,8 USD = 75 CNY
  • Boat to Two rivers and four lakes 29,9 USD = 190. CNY Number 10 bus 0,32 USD = 2 CNY
  • There are a night market in Guilin, all available by foot.
Entertainment in China in Guilin
Fish SPA
Excursions in China in Guilin
Cruise on a bamboo raft
Attracions in China in Guilin
Prices for buses to the sigts of Guilin

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