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Prices in China in Guangzhou for housing (rent accommodation) and entertainment

The cost of rent apartments in China

Low cost start at 20 - 25 USD Always read the fine print, which can be specified on additional taxes not included in the price, which are about 15-16%

Pay attention to the location, as the city is quite large and the proximity to the rapid Metro is a significant advantage. On photos are apartments in one of the city's skyscrapers. The cost was about 35 USD (taxes included). It's a complete new apartment with everything you need, including the kitchen. Quality cleaning every day. HeeFun Apartment Hotel GZ Poly World Trading Center

Apartment in China for  <span class='yel'>35</span><span class='micro'> USD </span>per day
Apartment for 35 USD per day
Housing in China for  <span class='yel'>35</span><span class='micro'> USD </span>
Housing in China for  <span class='yel'>35</span><span class='micro'> USD </span>
View from the window
Housing in China for  <span class='yel'>35</span><span class='micro'> USD </span>
there is a kitchen

From some luxury hotels (Shangri-La), depart free bus to the main city attractions, including the Guangzhou East Railway Station. Schedule minibuses on you can find at the hotel reception.

Things to do and ticket prices in Guangzhou in China

Activities in China in Guangzhou Guangzhou
Library outside
Activities in China in Guangzhou
Library inside
  • Library Guangzhou. Free admission. Undegraund Zhujiang New Town metro station, line 3 and 5.
  • Chen Clan Academy. Entrance 1,5 USD = 10. CNY Metro Line 1, Chen Clan Academy station, exit D.
  • Catholic Cathedral. Admission is free. Subway Line 2, Haizhu Square station, Exit B1.
  • Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Subway Line 2, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall station, exit C. Cost 1,5 USD = 10. CNY
  • Canton Tower. Entrance fee 21,9 USD = 150. CNY Subway Line 3, APM Chigang Pagoda. Inside are 4D cinema, an observation deck, a variety of restaurants.
  • Shamian Island. Metro Line 1, Huangsha station, exit D. Island with old historic buildings. Colonial style 19th century.
  • Guangdong Museum. 5,000 free tickets per day (Metro lines 3, 5 Zhujiang New Town metro station, exit B1) .
  • Guangzhou Museum of Art. Metro Line 2 , Yuexiu park station.
  • Guangdong Museum of Art. 3,000 free tickets per day . Requires your passport. Located on the island Era-shad.
  • Guangzhou Sculpture Park. Near Baiyun Mountain. Admission is free.
  • Guangzhou Ocean park. Located at the zoo.
  • Guangdong Museum of History of the revolution. Admission is free . Metro Line 1, Martyrs' Park station, exit D.
  • Yuexiu park. Cost 1,5 USD = 10. CNY Subway Line 2, Yue Xiu Park station, Exit B1.
  • Yuntai Garden. Cost 1,5 USD = 10. CNY A Tour Bus 1 or 3.
  • Xiangjiang Safary Park. Cost 26,3 USD = 180. CNY
  • Huanghua Gang Park. In Admission is free. Address: 79 Xianlie middle road.
  • Garden millions of sunflowers. Located in Panyu, Guangzhou Wanqingsha town.
  • Water rides Chimelong. Open from April to October. Cost 20,4 - 28,9 USD = 140 - 198 CNY
  • Chimelong International Circus. Here you can see the Cirque du Soleil. Cost adult 36,5 USD = 250 CNY children. 18,2 USD = 125 CNY
  • Baiyun Mountain. Entrance 0,73 USD = 5. CNY Cableway 5,8 USD = 40. CNY local tram 2,9 USD = 20. CNY Other Entertainment 0,73 - 1,46 USD = 5 - 10. CNY
  • Lianhua Shan (mountain LOTUS). from Guangzhou Metro Line 4, the station take bus Shiji. Also there is a ferry from Guangzhou Tianzi pier. 2,9 USD = 20 CNY cost of the ferry. The cost of visiting the mountains 5,8 USD = 40. CNY
  • Cruise on Pearl River. PRICE 0,73 USD = 5. CNY Cruise with dinner 7,3 - 29,2 USD = 50 - 200 CNY

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