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Hotel prices review in Dalat in Vietnam

Budget accommodations

Cheap prices start at 7 - 8 USD per night. Nice offers start at 10 - 12 USD per night. It will be either new or relatively well-maintained apartment with windows and good view, and even minimal breakfast.

Internet in hotels and apartments in Vietnam is often unstable. VOIP is possible to use, but not always. But there are pleasant exceptions.

Peculiarity settlement in Vietnam is reserve your passport and store it until the end of your stay, that is, until the date of payment.

Photos of budget hotels in Dalat

Vietnam, Dalat
Shared kitchen in a cheap hotel
Vietnam, Dalat
Kitchen in budget hotel
Vietnam, Dalat
Toilet with shower in a cheap hotel
Vietnam, Dalat
Room of a budget hotel
Vietnam, Dalat
It looks like affordable housing
Vietnam, Dalat
Total 10 - 12 USD per night

Mid-range price category

Average housing prices are in the range of 20 - 30 USD Nice and elegant hotel you can find at 35 USD It should be noted that the management of budget and mid-range hotels has full carelessness! Great apartment, balcony and chic, super fast internet (30mbit in both directions). Cost 1 000 USD for 30 days

Vietnam, Dalat
View from hotel window
Vietnam, Dalat

Expensive hotels

Prices for expensive accommodation start at 40 USD and end up at around 200 USD

Vietnam, Dalat
Saigon - Dalat hotel
 Vietnam, Dalat
 Vietnam, Dalat
Saphir Dalat Hotel

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