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Examples of prices in the USA for cars (rent and by)


Prices for used cars in New York City

  • Toyota corolla 6 years, mileage 90,000 miles 9 000 USD
  • HONDA CIVIC 2D GREAT CONDITION, mileage 66,000 miles the age of 6 years 8 000 USD
  • 2006 Honda CRV, mileage 60,000 miles, 5 years old 13 000 USD

More car prices can be found at the New York bulletin board:

Taxes and insurance (when buying a car)

  • The registration fee when you buy depends on many parameters of car
  • Sales tax depends on the state
  • Mandatory insurance, which also depends on the state, the cost of the car and the insurance company

The cost of parking in United States

Paid parking 0,25 USD for 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the city. Near restaurants or shops usually free are parking, but only for customers. Need to read the labels around the place where you going to park. Maybe it says "no parking" or just drop off passengers or for disabled or something like that.

Gasoline costs about 1 USD per liter
For example, such service as a balancing 13 USD

Rent cars price exmples in the United States

  • Economy Class, Ford Focus or equivalent for 1 month 1 000 USD + insurance (optional) 9 USD per day
  • The same car for 10 days worth 500 USD
  • Chevrolet cruze 1 month 1 200 USD + insurance
  • GPS Navigator 15 USD per day
  • Child Seat 13 USD per day

Many people do not rent the car, they by it, and then a month or two later sell for about the same money.

Fines in USA

Before to rent or buy a car, you need to become familiar with the local road and parking rules. Penalties are high.

  • Red light 50 USD
  • Parking places for disabled 250 USD
  • Seat belt 50 USD
  • Speeding 70 - 500 USD
  • incorrect lane change 380 USD
  • For movement along the road side 450 USD

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