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Transportationation prices in Slovakia and Bratislava

Public transportation in Bratislava

The city center does not require the use of public transportation. But if you need to get to more remote areas, handy trams and buses will help you. The minimum fare 0,83 USD = 0.70. EUR More information is available

Public transportation in Bratislava in Bratislava
Public transportation in Bratislava
City bus in Bratislava

Intercity buses in Slovakia

Bratislava - Vienna

Carriers areBlagussandSlovak Lines. The prices are almost the same 8,5 USD = 7.20 EUR and 9,1 USD = 7.70. EUR respectively. Ticket for Blaguss can be purchased in some tour agencies of the city, as well as at the bus stop directly in front of the administration.

Official web sites:

Slovakia Intercity transportationation
Bus Blaguss
Slovakia Intercity transportationation
Ticket prices Blaguss
Slovakia Intercity transportationation
bus station Slovak Lines

Bratislava - Budapest

The route Bratislava - Budapestis also popular, especially among tourists. The most favorable trip provided by the companyStudentagency. The price is 10,6 USD = 9. EUR Salon comfortable enough, though not new. There are TVs in the seat back, free wi-fi only works in the Czech Republic!

In Budapest, the bus stop is in front of the bus station,Location: 47.476227, 19.099618. In Bratislava, the central bus stationLocation: 48.147132, 17.127886. At this station luggage storage costs 1,2 USD = 1 EUR per 24 hours.

Reserve a ticket on the website:

Slovakia Intercity transportationation
Bus Student agency

Rent a car in Bratislava

Renting a car is relatively inexpensive. Examples of prices from international rental companies when booking in advance for 1 month for 10 days. For full insurance without a deductible, a surcharge of 11,8 USD = 10 EUR per day

  • Vokswagen polo, manual 11,8 USD = 10 EUR
  • Vokswagen golf, manual 14,1 USD = 12 EUR

Car parking in Bratislava

  • Parking usually costs 0,59 USD = 0.50 EUR per 30min
  • Parking 1,4 - 1,8 USD = 1.2 - 1.5 EUR per hour

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