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Transportation in Oman: Muscat and Salalah

Seaports and airports


Sea port of Muscat is located a short distance of the city center. Location: 23.625337, 58.564007

Seeb International Airport - the main gate of the country and the city of Muscat. Location: 23.601276, 58.291036. Located away from the city, about 40 km.


Sea Port of Salalah is located at a distance of about 15 kilometers from the city center. Location: 16.948724, 54.007551

Transportation of Oman
Sea port of Salalah

The airport is located near the city. Location: 17.037873, 54.106915 Note: At the moment there is a change of working terminals. The details you can visit the website:

The lack of public transport makes it difficult for independent travel to this city.

Taxi features

Due to the almost complete absence of competition from public transport, the prices for tourists by taxi incalculable, and may be any, as elsewhere in the East, it all depends on the skill and desire to bargain look longer. Despite this, though in some places in order to prevent the complete lawlessness in the pricing of taxi drivers,  they put a table with official rates.

Oman Transport
Taxi prices from Port Salalah

Alternatively, you may be lucky to catch a private driver. The cost of a van for 8-12 people for 2 hour trip to the city 20 USD per person.

An example of the cost of parking in Muscat

0,13 USD = 0.05 OMR for a half an hour from 8 am to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 21.00 Rest of the time, as well as Friday and public holidays - free.

Oman Transport
Parking fares

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