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Oman souvenirs and places to see in Muscat

Mosque in Muscat

If dressed appropriately, you can visit the mosques and take pictures inside.

Things to do in Muscat in Oman
Mosque Sultan Qaboos Mosque
Attractions in Oman
sightseeing bus

Museums and sightseeing in Muscat

In some places, the city has a free Wi-Fi internet, working very slowly and hesitantly.

Beaches in Oman

The beach in Salalah - a great opportunity to watch the ocean! Sunbathing in bikinis in Oman is forbidden! Note: swimming in Salalah is strictly forbidden!!! Location: 16.930084, 53.995844

Attractions in Oman
Salalah beach

Shopping and souvenirs in Oman

Souvenirs in Oman are real! It's not made in China, resold through a bunch of brokers cheapo,  but real handmade crafts incredible amount of options for every taste and color.  You'll find a real British antiques in a simple souvenir shop  or directly in an antique shop.   If a souvenir made in India, the seller honestly tell you this on request. You can touch everything, try and see no "slanting" views.    In the souvenir and antique shops accept credit cards.

The prices are extremely varied and basically just for orientation. Look at pictures and you will understand the motive of the country.

Photos of Oman souvenirs

Oman Souvenirs
Souvenirs in Omani
Souvenirs in Oman
Souvenirs of Oman
Souvenirs in Oman
Different souvenirs
Souvenirs in Oman
Oman Souvenirs
Souvenirs in Oman
Souvenirs in Oman
Tea Set
Souvenirs in Oman
Souvenirs in Oman
Souvenirs in Oman

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