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Maldives Hotels - how to choose and how to get

Since 2008, the State Maldives became open to independent tourism. This means that now you can not only buy tickets, but also to choose a hotel youself.   During this time, managed to appear private hotels and guest houses, which are relatively low cost - the price of 30 - 40 USD When booking in advance, about a 4 - 2 month minimum, you can buy discounted hotel. Most of the Maldives living places allows free cancel of the reservation

Level of prices for a budget hotel for a double room with bathroom, toilet and air conditioning in the room is about 40 USD per day. In the price almost always included a bottle of drinking water and a lunch. The quality of breakfast, like the rooms vary greatly. Extremely important here, to have a lot of good reviews, for example, in systems and

Hotels in the Maldives
Breakfast in a cheap hotel

Where better to live in the Maldives - the nuances and problems when choosing a hotel

Where to live in the Maldives is a key issue. It is necessary to choose the island. In theory, than the distance from the capital Male, the cleaner, fewer people and less dirt, better nature, especially the ocean

Hotels in the Maldives
school of fish near the shore

Getting to the islands of the Maldives

In most cases this is so (the better the farther), and often accommodation itself is cheaper. But to get to remote islands will be either long or too expensive. There are usually only three ways of getting the islands: slow ferries, speed boats and light aircraft, which splashed

  • Ferris is cheap, but it may take a couple of days.
  • Boats - fast but expensive 50 times ( 50 - 500 USD ), and this option is not suitable for those who are swayed.
  • Aircraft perfect, but the cost of the flight easily can reach 1 000 USD or more per person.

That is why the choice of budget hotel on the islands is not an easy task.

If you can not immediately go to your chosen island, the best temporary lodging option is HulHumale island which actually is the airport itself. No reason to go to the polluted, busy and dusty Male.

Examples of hotels on Hulhumale

hotels in Maldives on Hulhumale
Budget Hotel for 40 USD
hotels in Maldives on Hulhumale
ordinary private hotel for 140 USD
hotels in Maldives on Hulhumale
in an expensive hotel there is a kitchen

Рotels on Guraidhoo

hotels in Maldives
cheap hotel for 40 USD on Guraidhoo
hotels in Maldives
budget hotel for 40 USD on Guraidhoo
hotels in Maldives Islands
Street Guraidhoo

Food to the islands - where to eat

It should be noted that the smaller and remote island, the more complicated it to find an alternative dinnind oprions. And then you have to pay a lot of money for dinner or lunch at the hotel, where the cost of food could easily reach 10 - 20 USD

Bikini Beach on Maldives

And another, very important feature is the presence of so-called Bikini Beaches. Maldives is a Muslim country, and there are swimming in the sea dressed. Swim undress in public places forbidden. Therefore, to support tourism in the islands, which invite tourists, they made isolated area for swimming in a bikini. Availability, accessibility and remoteness of these zones must always be described in the description of your island hotel.

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