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Attracions in Kuching: Fairy Cave, excursions prices and free museums

Fairy Cave

Fairy Cave - A huge cave witch you can visit easy. Admission is free.

Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching
The entrance of Fairy Cave
Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching,Fairy Cave
Inside the cave
Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching,Fairy Cave
Actually there twilight

How to get fairy cave by bus

Leave Kuching bus station in the morning, as early as you can. Bus №2 will take you to the bus station Tandas Awam (Location: 1.41795, 110.15489) to the town Bau for about half an hour. At the bus station you can take the local bus №3 to the Krokong. Tell the driver "Fairy Cave", and he will drop off you at the crossroads in 8 km from the city center ( Location: 1.377107,110.127447 ). Ask the driver when he will return, and in what time he will take you back from this crossroads. At the crossroads you will see a sign indicating that the cave 300m. In fact, you will need to walk about a mile. Location Fairy Cave: 1.38192, 110.11730.

Important: as elsewhere, especially in Asia, it is not good to rely on 100% on accuracy and fidelity of a schedule. Buses can easily not only late, but also absent, particularly extreme in the schedule!

Photos of buses to fairy cave

Malaysia, transport in Kuching
Sarawak bus
Malaysia, transport in Kuching
Bau bus
Malaysia,transport in Kuching
bus schedule №2 and №3 from Bau
Malaysia, transport in Kuching
bus station in Bau
Malaysia, transport in Kuching
Inside Bau bus
Malaysia, transport in Kuching
bus schedule №2 from Sarawak

The cost of excursions about the river

Various river excursions 4,6 USD = 19 MYR

Malaysia, attractions in Kuching
Place of departure of tourist boats
Malaysia, attractions in Kuching
Cruise on a traditional boat
Malaysia, attractions in Kuching
Prices of river cruises

Free museums in Kuching

Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching
Islamic Museum

Toutist information center in Kuching

The information center for tourists. Will provide upon request the information you need, maps, schedules, etc. (Location: 1.559517,110.345076.)

Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching
Tourist map of Kuching

Beach Damai

Location: 1.748036,110.312519. The fare one-way 2,4 USD = 10 MYR

Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching
Shedule of buses to the beach Damai

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