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Toronto transportation fares and features

Public transport of Toronto

TTC (The Toronto Transit Commission) is an absolute monopoly on public transport the city.

TTS includes metro, buses and trams. All of them are tied to a single system of payment and transit. Made a single payment, you can travel arbitrarily in one direction with transfers between any transport included in this system. Ask the driver to give you a follow-TRANSFER for these purposes. Sometimes interchange points are tied together, and you have to pass from one transport to another.

Important: fare with cash payment above. You should have enough money without putting as you drop money into machine, which does not give change.

Ticket prices, travel cards options

  • Cash 2,3 USD = 3.00 CAD
  • Payment tokens (sale at metro stations) 3 tokens cost 6 USD = 7.95 CAD
  • 7 tokens 14 USD = 18.55 CAD
  • Pass for a month, without limits 96,8 USD = 128.50 CAD
  • Pass for a week 29 USD = 38.50 CAD

Web site of the company with all the extra information

Taxi features

Almost all taxis except for those related to specific companies in Toronto and the surrounding area holds Hindu diaspora. Bargain pointless. Metered taxi + from you expect a good tip. You do NOT have to give it.

Important: even here, not all drivers accept credit cards. Like everywhere else, make sure all the travel conditions in advance of trip. In Canada, especially outside city's, to catch a taxi on the road is not an easy task, so it is easier to order by phone. Taxi booking does not mean that you have to use it.

Toronto Airport

Airport - Toronto Pearson International Airport: three terminals, a large area. One of the most expensive airports in the world. Location: 43.683764, -79.617933 You can get the airport by the bus system TTC and Go Transit.

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