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Prices in Toronto for rent housing (Toronto)

How much hotel for short term

For tourist for a short period, you can expect an average of 74,6 USD = 100 CAD per night.

Rent serviced apartment

From one month you can rent serviced apartment in a new building which will cost you about 2 237,3 USD = 3 000 CAD per month. This includes everything, including cleaning and linen.

Rental housing for longer term

For periods ranging from 2 to 3 months or more, you can find cheap accommodation from private owners. The cost depends on the location. You can find 372,9 - 522 USD = 500 - 700 CAD per month, a private room in the basement is a possible, but must be sought is usually long. The price usually includes electricity and water. Search is carried out mainly by the usual online resources and newspapers. You will need to have your own phone.

Resources to find housing in Canada

Rend for period more then 1 year

For a term of one year or more, you can relatively profitable to rent an apartment in a purpose-built homes (many with swimming pool, gym and BBQ). Prices start at 372,9 USD = 500 CAD for a small apartment in an uncomfortable and bad (black) area, no view from windows and bad neighbors. Something decent starts from 596,6 - 671,2 USD = 800 - 900 CAD per month. Electricity and water are not included. Carefully and thoroughly inquire conditions. This type of rent requires you to confirm solvency. This can be a bank statement, if you are a millionaire, or, as is usually done, the proof of your legal income, such as an extract from your employment.

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