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Things to do and places to see in Sofia and Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Places to visit in Sofia

Sofia sights, Memorial Church of St. Alexander Nevsky
Memorial Church of St. Alexander Nevsky
Attractions in Sofia, Free mineral water
Free mineral water

Souvenir prices in Bulgaria

  • Small reproductions of paintings 20,1 USD = 32 BGN
  • Matryoshka 23,9 USD = 38 BGN
  • Postcards 0,38 USD = 0.60 BGN
  • Magnets and keychains 3,8 USD = 6 BGN
  • Wood 6,3 - 12,6 USD = 10 - 20 BGN
Shopping in Sofia, Souvenirs
Shopping in Sofia, Wooden souvenirs
Wooden souvenirs

Sights of Plovdiv

Tourist Information Centre

Location Tourist Information Centre in Plovdiv: the city center, coordinates: 42.143088, 24.750176 Near the information center is an archaeological excavation area Roman odeon.

 Attractions Plovdiv, Tourist Information Centre
Tourist Information Centre

What to visit in Plovdiv

Attractions Plovdiv, Ancient Stadium
Ancient Stadium
Attractions Plovdiv, Amphitheatre
Plovdiv Attractions, Beautiful church
Beautiful church

There are combined tickets for visiting up to 5 sites. Price 9,4 USD = 15 BGN

Plovdiv Attractions,  Admissiopn fees
Admissiopn fees

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