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Hotels in Sofia and Plovdiv, examples of prices for services in Bulgaria

Cheap hotels

Accommodation in Bulgaria is not expensive. There are a lot of high-level, new, modern hotels, and find it is quite easily on standard websites such as Budget accommodations within 16,8 - 22,4 USD = 15 - 20 EUR for a double room, a great 4-stars hotel can be found cheaper then 39,1 USD = 35 EUR


An example of budget accommodation in Sofia for 16,8 USD = 15. EUR Breakfast and dinner are 3,4 USD = 3 EUR

Hotels in Sofia in Bulgaria
Hotels in Sofia in Bulgaria
Hotels in Sofia in Bulgaria


An example of a four-star hotel in Plovdiv for 35,8 USD = 32. EUR Breakfast optional 4,6 USD = 8 BGN

Hotels in Plovdiv in Bulgaria
Hotels in Plovdiv in Bulgaria
Hotels in Plovdiv in Bulgaria

Examples of prices at barber shop

  • Haircut from 5,7 USD = 10 BGN
  • Drying of 5,7 USD = 10 BGN
  • Manicure, pedicure 17,2 USD = 30 BGN
  • Facial cleansing 8,6 USD = 15 BGN

Dry cleaning and washing

The cost 2,9 - 13,1 USD = 5 - 23 BGN for 24 hour service. During the 2 hour service allowance of 50%

Prices in Bulgaria
Dry cleaning and laundry services

Currency exchange and withdrawal of money from an ATM in Bulgaria

Currency exchange offices may look very different:

Money in Bulgaria in Sofia
Currency Exchange
Prices in Bulgaria in Sofia
Another exchange point
Prices in Bulgaria in Sofia

Alternatively, you can use the ATMs of the city. One of the veryfied by the author - is an ATM from UniCredit Bank. Commission for withdrawal does not take!

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