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Prices in Armenia (Yerevan)

Armenia in Yerevan costs examples

Examples of accommodation for tourists in Yerevan

Housing for rent short term

In the range of 30 USD for a room with a bathroom was found only one proposal, 7 km from the city. With public transportation is no problem. For the same cost in the city center you can rent only hostel with shared shower.

Housing prices in Armenia
A room in a cheap hotel
Housing prices in Armenia
Equipment Room
Housing prices in Armenia

Prices from Yerevan agencies for longer periods

For the duration of 5 days, you can already apply to the agency for the selection of individual apartments.

The cheapest apartment with a contract for 5 days worth 26,8 USD = 13 000 AMD per day. The same apartment if you rent for a month will cost 21,8 USD = 10 600 AMD

It is also possible to live in villas. The cost 55,6 USD = 27 000 AMD per day with a monthly contract and 70 USD = 34 000 AMD with 5-day settlement. More information can be found at the agents. One of the known and trusted agents is Hyur Service

Sights Armenia
views Armenian expanses
Sights Armenia
Monastery Khor Virap
Sights Armenia
Geghard monastery complex

Examples of prices for tours in Armenia

One of the most well-known and trusted companies is Hyur Tour. For example the cost of a trip to the monastery of Tatev is 30,9 USD = 15 000 AMD per 13 hour trip. Children up to 12 years 50% discount. All detailed information about tours you can find on the agency's website: The Location of the office in Yerevan: 40.180732, 44.518922.

There is a tour bus around the city, the cost 6,2 USD = 3 000 AMD

Sights Armenia
Prices for tours from travel agencies
Sights Armenia
sightseeing bus
Sights of Armenia
drinking water fountains

Examples of prices for public transportation in Armenia

Buses to Tbilisi departure from the central bus station Cilicia (Location 40.172317, 44.490911) starting at 8.20 am approximately every hour. The cost of the ticket at the box office or from the driver 13,4 USD = 6 500 AMD

Taxi in Yeravan fare about 2,1 USD = 1000 AMD

The price of a single trip by public transportation 0,21 USD = 100 AMD

Examples of parking tariffs in the city center

  • 1 hopur 0,21 USD = 100 AMD
  • 1 day 1 USD = 500 AMD

The cost of gasoline 0,97 USD = 470 AMD per liter

Transportation in Armenia
View forum the bus on the road to Tbilisi
Transportation in Armenia
City Bus
Transportation in Armenia
The cost of parking in the city center

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