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Overview of transportation of Malta: airport, buses and ferries

Malta Airport

Airport of Malta ( ) is located in the southeastern part of the island. Coordinates: 35.848663, 14.495450.

How to get to the airport

Well developed bus service. Buses marked X: X1, X2, X3, X4, X7 will take you to the airport. Travel time from remote villages of the island could reach 2.5 hours!

Alternatively, you can take a taxi. The cost of transfer to the airport 18,9 USD = 18 EUR

Transport of Malta, Airport Malta
Airport Malta
Transport of Malta, Pay trolleys
Pay trolleys
Transport of Malta, Food Court
Food Court
Transport of Malta, Tax Refund at the airport
Tax Refund at the airport

Buses in Malta

Buses run regularly and stick to a schedule.

Ticket prices and features

  • Single ride 1,6 USD = 1.50 EUR
  • Unlimited travel for 7 days 22,1 USD = 21 EUR

Note: Although the single transport system, it is necessary to buy tickets at each of the two islands!

You can buy tickets from vending machines at bus stations and even the drivers. All the details, including routes, you can find at the updated website of the transportation system of Malta:

Transport of Malta, Automatic ticket machine
Automatic ticket machine
Malta transport, City buses
City buses
Transport of Malta, Queue for the bus
Queue for the bus

Ferries and boats between the islands


Ferry company Gozo Channel. For more information visit: Round trip fare 4,9 USD = 4.65 EUR Tickets can be purchased at both terminals. Location of the passenger terminal on the Malta: island 35.988627, 14.328595, Gozo: 36.023444, 14.298227


To fast communication between the nearby to Valletta cities. Price 1,6 USD = 1.50 EUR The schedule in . Details on the website:

Transport of Malta, Ferry between Malta and Gozo
Ferry between Malta and Gozo
Transport of Malta, Schedule boat between Malta and Gozo
Schedule boat between Malta and Gozo

Car rent

Approximate prices for rental cars at the airport

  • Opel corsa, manual 13,7 USD = 13 EUR
  • ford Focus, automatic 26,3 USD = 25 EUR

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The cost of parking and petrol

Most of the parking is free. The cost of parking near the airport:

  • Up to 10 minutes - free
  • 1 hour 2,1 USD = 2 EUR
  • 24 hours 7,4 USD = 7 EUR
  • Each additional day 10,5 USD = 10.00 EUR

Petrol prices

  • Gasoline 1,3 USD = 1.26 EUR per liter
  • Diesel 1,4 USD = 1.29 EUR
Transport of Malta, Parking near the airport
Parking near the airport
Transport of Malta, The cost of gasoline
The cost of gasoline
Transport of Malta, Electric taxi
Electric taxi

Electric taxi in Valletta

In Valletta you can use friendly electric taxi. Prices from 5,3 - 7,4 USD = 5 - 7 EUR

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