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The review of transportation in Sandefjord (Norway), how to get to the airport Torp

Budget Airport TORP: transoprtation to nearby cities with examples of fares

Buses and trains from the airport Torp

  • The cost of the bus to Oslo. 28,8 USD = 240 NOK one way and 52,7 USD = 440 NOK round trip. Site of the bus company:
  • The cost of travel by train to Oslo 31,2 USD = 260 NOK one way.
  • Train fare to airport Oslo Lufthavn 43,9 USD = 366. NOK
  • Train to Tonsberg 5,8 USD = 48 NOK one-way
  • Train ticket to Sandefjord in one direction 4,6 USD = 38 NOK
Transportation in Sandefjord (Norway)
Railway station Torp
Transportation in Sandefjord (Norway)
Train to Sandefjord
Transportation in Sandefjord (Norway)
Inside the train to Sandefjord

Taxi fares

Taxis are very expensive in Norway. The picture shown fares from the airport in Sandefjord "TORP". For example the cost of travel to Oslo in one direction varies 275,6 - 359,5 USD = 2 300 - 3 000 NOK

Transportation in Sandefjord (Norway)
The price of a taxi from the airport
Transportation in Sandefjord (Norway)
The cost of parking

Parking in Sandefjord

Parking paid through machines or through SMS. Accept credit cards. Cost 1,9 USD = 16 NOK per day

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