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Overview of transportation of Skopje in Macedonia

Getting Airport Skopje

The international airport of Skopje is located at a distance of approximately 20 km from the city. Coordinates: 41.960922, 21.627628. Website:

How to get to the airport by bus

Public transportation does not go to the airport. The only carrier is Vardar Express. Website: The fare 2,9 USD = 150 MKD one way.

You can buy tickets in advance at the box office Airport Vardar Express.  Note that the luggage compartment of the bus is also not clear. The trip takes for about an hour, in spite of the good road and the proximity to the city

Macedonia, Skopje Transportation
Vardar Express office
Macedonia, Transportation in Skopje
Bus to aeroprt Vardar Express
Macedonia, Skopje Transportation
Inside the bus Vardar Express
Macedonia, Skopje Transportation
Airport Skopje Bus Schedule
Macedonia, Transport of Skopje
bus ticket Vardar Express

How to get to the airport by taxi

An alternative, but rather expensive way to get to the city is the taxi. Prices from the airport on the photo. For example, the price to the center of the city is 23,3 USD = 1 220 MKD

Transportation of Skopje
Taxi prices from the airport of Skopje

Intercity buses and fares

The central urban bus station is inside the city. Coordinates: 41.990663, 21.444732.  Bus tickets can be purchased using a credit card.

The cost of international ticket Skopje - Sofia 19,3 USD = 1 010 MKD The bus is quite old and worn. Cargo space exclusively dirty!

  • Skopje-Ohrid-Skopje 13 USD = 680 MKD
  • Skopje - Belgrade-Skopje 40,2 - 45,9 USD = 2 100 - 2 400 MKD
  • Skopje-Zagreb bus back and forth 107,7 USD = 5 630 MKD
Transportation in Macedonia
Bus station Skopje
Transportation in Macedonia
Bus Skopje-Sofia
Transportation in Macedonia
Bus Skopje-Sofia inside

City local buses

City buses usual quality. The fare in the city 0,57 USD = 30. MKD  Official site of city transport:

Macedonia Transportation
Skopje city bus

The cost of rent car and parking

  • Volswagen Polo, manual transmission 31,8 USD = 27 EUR
  • Opel Astra, automat 56,5 USD = 48 EUR
  • The cost of parking in the second area of the city 0,86 USD = 45 MKD per hour.
  • More stationary parking away from the city center 0,96 USD = 50 MKD per day.
    • Skopje transportation
      Parking machine in Skopje

      Boats on the lake Ohrid

      • From Ohrid ship to Sveti Naum and back 11,5 USD = 600 MKD per person
      • Boat from Konskie to Golem Grad 23,5 USD = 20 EUR for boat
      • Boat to Polog monastery 29,4 USD = 25 EUR for boat

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