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Examples of accommodation prices in Laos Luang Prabang

Housing prices in Luang Prabang (Laos)

As the city is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, hotels prices are quite high.

  • Small room without all, the window to nowhere 8,6 USD = 70 000 LAK
  • Dirty and shabby room but with shower and toilet 12,2 USD = 100 000 LAK
  • Decent and reasonable from 18,3 USD = 150 000 LAK

There is an area with relatively low-cost housing. Approximate Location of the area 19.886778,102.139962.

I advise you to come to the city as soon as possible and not with tourists form boats. All tourists in the evening are seeking for accommodation, and when the owners see a lack of space, they automatically turn up their prices. And hard to find housing when you are tired in the evening.

Laos, Ventyan
The room itself
Laos, Luang Prabang, a cheap hotel
Bath in a cheap hotel

Housing in Pakbeng

Guest house with a more or less decent decor average purity and good view 9,8 USD = 80 000 LAK
Laos Pakbeng, inexpensive guesthouse
Sign guesthouse
Laos Pakbeng, inexpensive guesthouse
Street View
Laos Pakbeng, inexpensive guesthouse
Entrance of guesthouse
Laos Pakbeng, inexpensive guesthouse
On the balcony
Laos Pakbeng, inexpensive guest house
Laos Pakbeng, inexpensive guesthouse
Toilet with shower

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