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Prices for transport, attractions and souvenirs in Venice in Italy

Passage on the above-ground metro (train) to the island costs 1,7 USD = 1.5 EUR

Parking on the island

If you drove by car it will be necessary to leave the car on one of the equipped parking lots. In Venice, on the island there are several multi-level parking lots with an hourly rate, you can book a place on the site in advance. Approximate prices:

  • 2 hours 8 USD = 7 EUR
  • 8 hours 32,1 USD = 28 EUR

Examples of car parks

Transport in Venice, Parking prices
Parking prices
Transport in Venice, Aboveground Metro in Venice
Aboveground Metro in Venice

Transportation fares examples

  • Water transport to Venice airport 17,2 USD = 15 EUR
  • Islands (Murano, Lido and others) 17,2 - 20,6 USD = 15 - 18 EUR for getting there back
  • Ticket for water bus for 1.5 hours (you can go out and change) 8,6 USD = 7.5 EUR
  • A trip by water taxi 22,9 - 45,9 USD = 20 - 40 EUR
  • Gondola tours 27,5 USD = 24 EUR

Travel tickets

Tourist ticket for all transport including ferries to the islands

  • for 1 day 22,9 USD = 20 EUR
  • 2 days 34,4 USD = 30 EUR
  • 7 days 68,8 USD = 60 EUR
Transport in Venice in Italy, Prices for water taxi
Prices for water taxi
Water transport in Venice in Italy, Water taxi
Water taxi
Transportation in Venic in Italye, Price for gondola tours
Price for gondola tours
Water transport in Venice in Italy, Water bus stop
Water bus stop

Examples of prices for entrances to museums and cathedrals

  • Porta della Carta, Doge's Palace 22,9 USD = 20. EUR students 14,9 USD = 13 EUR
  • St. Mark's Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) Basilica di San Marco, free of charge, entrance to the museum 5,7 USD = 5. EUR treasury 3,4 USD = 3 EUR
  • Basilica Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari 3,4 USD = 3. EUR student 1,7 USD = 1.5 EUR
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Sights of Venice, Grand Canal
Grand Canal
Sights of Venice, St. Mark's Cathedral
St. Mark's Cathedral

Toilets in Venice

There are several paid toilets for a price of 1,7 USD = 1.5. EUR Just a few. The problem is solved with the help of numerous cafes and restaurants

Prices in Venice, Chargeable toilet
Chargeable toilet

Souvenirs in Venice

  • Glass souvenirs from 3,4 USD = 3 EUR for small
  • A small mask 22,9 USD = 20 EUR
  • Magnets 1,1 - 3,4 USD = 1 - 3 EUR
  • 6 glasses (Murano glass) 263,8 USD = 230 EUR
Souvenirs in Venice in Italy, Small masks
Small masks
Souvenirs in Venice in Italy, Magnetic-mask
Souvenirs in Venice in Italy, Magnets pictures
Magnets pictures
Souvenirs in Venicv in Italy, Simple magnets
Simple magnets
Souvenirs in Venice in Italy, Earrings from glass
Earrings from glass
Souvenirs in Venice in Italy, glasses

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