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Museums and excursions

The Israel Museum

Location: 31.773716, 35.203641 Price 14,1 USD = 54. ILS Approximately half an hour before closing the entrance FREE!

What to see in Israel
Israel Museum outside
What to see in Israel
Israel Museum Inside


  • Tours in Jerusalem and environs 60 - 73 USD :
  • Jerusalem Christian (Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, and others) 60 USD
  • Galileo Christian. Nazareth. Valley of Armageddon. The Jordan River. 63 USD
  • The Dead Sea, SPA "Ein Gedi" with lunch 73 USD

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  • Chess Handmade 129,9 USD = 499 ILS
  • Decorative mosaic 5,2 - 10,4 USD = 20 - 40 ILS
  • Magnets 2,6 - 3,1 USD = 10 - 12 ILS
  • Souvenir mugs 3,1 - 3,6 USD = 12 - 14 ILS
  • Clothing from 7,8 USD = 30 ILS
Israel Souvenirs
Souvenirs in Israel
Israel Souvenirs
Israel Souvenirs
Israel Souvenirs


Bus and tram in Jerusalem and Haifa is well developed. The fare in the city 1,8 USD = 6.9 ILS Payment by cash only! Trams modern and speed of their high.  Intercity bus fare to the port city Ashdod form Jerusalem is 4,9 USD = 19 ILS

Transport in Israel
Transport in Israel
Bus Stop
Transport in Israel
Transport in Israel
Bus Egged
Transport in Israel
The cost of gasoline

Petrol 1,7 USD = 6.63 ILS per liter 95th.

Israel beaches

What to see in Israel
Terms and conditions of Haifa beach
What to see in Israel
Beach in Haifa
What to see in Israel
Lifeguards on the beach in Haifa
What to see in Israel
Equipment beach

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