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Examples of prices in Indonesia for housing and tours (town Tuk Tuk)

Prices for rental housing in the tourist town Tuk Tuk

There are a lot of various housing in town Tuk Tuk. Need to go and choose to taste and financial possibilities. There is a high (March to October) and low (November to February) seasons. Prices range from 3,4 USD = 45 000 IDR for budget options without hot water and a scruffy room, and to 29,9 USD = 400 000 IDR for a nice hotel suburban type.

Good clean and pleasant rooms with great views of the lake, hot water and the beach can be found at 5,2 - 7,5 USD = 70 000 - 100 000 IDR When renting for a month you can get a small discount, no more than 20%.

Indonesia, Samosir
Budget hotel (island Samosir)
Indonesia, Samosir
View form rooms
Indonesia, Samosir
View of Lake Toba
Indonesia, Samosir
On the balcony
Indonesia, Samosir
Lake Toba
Indonesia, Samosir
Inexpensive hotel with the Lake View

Some entertainment prices in Indonesia

  • Internet club 0,75 USD = 10 000 IDR per hour
  • Magic mushrooms. Portion of 4,9 USD = 65 000 IDR
Indonesia, Samosir
Schedule and prices of tours
Indonesia, Samosir
Internet club

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