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What to see in Iceland

Features of entertainment in Iceland

Travel agencyies

Almost all the island's business is built on tourist trips for foreigners. Tours and operators a huge amount. With some operators must be agreed in advance.

The list of web-sites where you can find detailed information about the tours:

Independent travel by car

Plenty of travel agencies does not mean that you are unable to ride both affordable and not so places.  Opportunities for access will depend on the type of car that you take in rent. The off-road 4x4 your possibilities are practically unlimited.

Tours in Iceland
sightseeing buses
Tours in Iceland
Jeep rental

Places to visit in Iceland self

  • Reykjavik. We especially recommend Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral which hosts a remarkable organ evening! Location 64.141883, -21.927154.
  • Geysir point, the Location 64.314009, -20.300903.
  • Gullfoss waterfall, the Location 64.326576, -20.123744.
  • Kerio, private, and therefore paid the territory of the former volcano with a lake. Location 64.0412357, -20.885314. Cost 2,2 USD = 2 EUR per person. Open from 10 to 20.
  • You can visit Blue Lagoon. A large number of people possible. Entrance expensive - 37,7 USD = 35 EUR per person. Website
Attractions in Iceland
Attractions in Iceland
Geysir point
Sightseeing in Iceland
Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland
Attractions in Iceland
Volcano Kerio

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