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The review of transportation of Tallinn with fares

Intercity buses in Estonia

The bus station in Tallinn

Tallinn Bus Station is within walking distance from the city center. Website Location 59.427460, 24.773969.

Transportation in Estonia, Bus station outside
Bus station outside
Transportation in Tallinn, Bus station in Estonia
Bus station in Estonia

Intercity buses

Bus companies Lux Express and EcoLines They have a huge routes from the station. Buses of these companies exclusively comfortable. Their offices are located right there. There is a sufficient number of local carriers, such as Sebe

Transportation in Estonia, Bus  EcoLines
Bus EcoLines
Transportation in Estonia, Lux Express
Lux Express
Transportation in Estonia, Intercity bus
Intercity bus

Buying tickets, luggage

In most cases the cheapest tickets are sold on the sales advance. Tickets can be purchased in cash machines and paid by credit card. The bus station has automatic luggage storage cell. Fare 1,2 - 3,7 USD = 1 - 3 EUR for 24 hours depending on the size.
Transportation in Estonia, Ticket machine
Ticket machine
Transport in Estonia, Luggage Storage
Luggage Storage

Airport Tallinn

It is located near the bus station and the airport, within walking distance. Location: 59.417053, 24.799078. Most of the European budget airlines fly from this airport, so that Tallinn has become a good transit point

The cost of a taxi in the city

Boarding 2,4 USD = 1.99. EUR per km. 0,53 USD = 0.43 EUR Nightly rates may be higher than 20 percent. From the airport taxi to the city center will cost 12,3 USD = 10 EUR

Transportation in Estonia, Rates for taxis in Tallinn
Rates for taxis in Tallinn

Public transport in Tallinn

There are buses, trolley buses and trams. Opening hours from 6 am to midnight. Fare 2 USD = 1.60. EUR without change! Alternatively, you can purchase an electronic card (deposit 2,5 USD = 2 EUR ) The fare in this case 1,4 USD = 1.10 EUR including all transplantation, but no more than 3 per day. Official website of the public transportation in Tallinn:

Car rental in Tallinn

The cost of rental cars

Estimated price for rental cars per day from For full insurance with no deductible surcharge of about 12,3 USD = 10 EUR

  • Opel Astra, mechanics 16 USD = 13 EUR
  • Volkswagen Golf, mechanics 22,1 USD = 18 EUR
  • Toyota Yaris, automatic 24,6 USD = 20 EUR
  • VW Golf, automatic 33,2 USD = 27 EUR

Parking and petrol

  • Pay parking signs marked understandable and must be paid in cash at the machines. The cost in the center 5,9 USD = 4.8 EUR per hour.
  • The price of petrol 95 per liter. 1,4 USD = 1.16 EUR
  • Diesel 1,5 USD = 1.2 EUR per liter.
Transport in Estonia, Paid parking
Paid parking
Transportation in Estonia, Parking Machine
Parking Machine

Bike rental

  • The first hour 2,7 USD = 2.23. EUR each additional hour 2,5 USD = 2 EUR
  • Bike rental 6 hours 12,6 USD = 10.24 EUR hours 16 USD = 13 EUR
  • At 6 or more days in 7,9 USD = 6.4 EUR per day
Transport in Tallinn, Bicycle rental
Bicycle rental

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