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  • 10.01.2017

    Budget housing in Prague and Cesky Krumlov, features of currency exchange

    Cheap hotels in Prague

    In the "low season" is almost always possible to find a decent hotel for 29,9 - 35,9 USD = 25 - 30. EUR For 41,9 USD = 35 EUR will already be a decent boutique hotel with good service and excellent breakfast buffet

    Hotels in Prague
    hotel for 30 euros
    Hotels in Prague
    Shower at the hotel for 30 euros

    Cheap apartments in Cesky Krumlov

    The cost of apartments from 36,6 USD = 800 CZK Pictured comfortable and clean accommodation. Private shower and toilet, have a kitchenette. The cost is 38,3 USD = 32 EUR for a double room with breakfast!

    Accommodation in Cesky Krumlov
    Inexpensive accommodation
    Accommodation in Cesky Krumlov
    Bath in a cheap hotel
    Accommodation in Cesky Krumlov
    Cheap apartments

    Features of currency exchange in the Czech Republic and Prague


    Currency Exchange in the Czech Republic
    Exchange office in Prague

    Currency exchange points did not open around the clock. With the currency exchange in the Czech Republic there is a problem. Bank exchange may be disadvantageous because of the high commissions, and private exchanger can be deceiving. Be very careful, never change the currency on the street.

    Usually advised to use private exchange offices, located near the Central Station.  The approximate coordinates are: 50.082746, 14.429485Street Politických vězňů. There is about 3 - 5 exchangers.  Walk around, choose the one you like. Prior to consent to surgery, always ask the final amount that you will get on your hands as a result of the exchange.

    Cesky Krumlov

    Currency Exchange works in the daytime. Often, the exchangers take a percentage of the transaction and at least 2% and 4,6 USD = 100. CZK In this case they are almost always very good course. Another type of exchangers does not charge any commission, but the course is not in your favor. All depends on the amount which are going to be changed.

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